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Thanks! I just messaged not too long ago. I really appreciate how quick and kind you all are about this situation!! I won't be refunding my ten dollars for this month even if you can't reesolve it, though. I still want to support the game.

Oh, no worries! I still want to support the game so I won't be refunding. Well, actually I might to get the tier with the Beat Build. I got the ten dollar tier. And sure, I'll message on Patreon! Thank you so much for trying to help, I appreciate it a lot!

Still, I'm hyped and eager to play!! And I don't mind supporting for this month at all!

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I just joined Patreon. Long story short I bought a gift card and Patreon nor KS supports those but I got to transfer them on PayPal.  It was a really tedious process but I think it was worth it! But how do I gain access to Our Life Beta? I scrolled through the posts some and the post with the Beta Build said "Locked" even though I've just become a Patron. Is this an error or did I intepret the benefits wrong?

Not every guy is the same and become turned on by the same things lmao

That's like telling a straight guy that he's lying if he says he doesn't get aroused by male-on-male action. Some people don't even like seeing people in certain clothes and find it to be a turn-off. Please don't generalize.

Thank you for informing me!! Right now I have a bit of money, I just need to put it on a card. I think I might be leaning toward KS though, since it's only a one-time payment and I probably won't be able to do monthly payment on a consistent basis. Either way, I really want to help and see how the game progresses!!

Oh! Also do you think it would be better to become a supporter on KickStarter or Patron. Of course, I probably won't be able to be a consistent on but I still want to be able to pitch in anywhere I can!!

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Thanks so much for responding! And yeah, that makes sense! I want to become a Patron but I'd probably only be able to maintain it for that one month. I'm probably still going to, though, hahahahaha.

You're English is great!

And I agree there. Maybe MC's reaction (at least in that scene) should depend on the choices you make with her, like if you make her shy then she would be shier when having interactions with Cove, or if you make her more outgoing she would feel more accustomed to interactions like that.

But as someone who has coded choice-heavy stories/novels I'm not even completely sure if that's possible, haha. Since the game is having its full release in the Summer of 2020 I imagine that it'll be enough time for them to improve stuff like that, though!

This game is amzing! I've never seen anything like it and it's so refeshing, exciting and heartwarming!! I have  a question, though. Does the demo receive monthly updates? I've heard from various sources that it does and doesn't and this is my first time playing this demo so I'm not sure and I would love to be on the lookout for any updates!!

I disagree about the hugging part. At this point in time MC and Cove have known each other for five years.  I hate when is stories like these when the MC's always feel nervous even though they have known said Love Interest for so long.  Even though the MC usually relives from their nervousness it still makes the atmosphere of the scene feel awkward. 
I was almost dreading picking the "hug" option because I thought that like most other games the MC would become extremely flustered. I would get her becoming shy if it was the other way around and Cove hugged her instead and then sheh started blushing or her heart quickened. 

But I agree on the other things! And I like how Cove's emotions are written. The scenes never feel awkward.