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A member registered Nov 06, 2022

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the fear of being followed by a mannequin is freaking awsum

wow amazing horror game... well done

very well done... cannot wait for part 2

short but well made

very good horror game

jumpscare well done

great game dude.... well made

nice jumspcare at the end

crazy atmosphere

well done horror game.

very funny ending

cool doom clone

insane atmosphere

thanks will check it out

greaat concept

great atmosphere

please make more fear facing games

lol i cudent finish level 2 but good game 

very intense build up, well done

all 3 endings... very good jumpscares

great graphics... full game please

very well done

cool game but to difficult for me lol

fantastic build up story

wow it was amazing

very good maze game

very very well done...

this was deiiferent but i loved it... Amazing art style

thanks for watching much appreciated

try this!!!!

Great game... keep up the good work.

try this

cant wait for the movie

should have been longer

great atmospheric horror game

layers of fear vibes

lol too difficult for me

much better than p.t