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Thanks for playing! Good point about the deactivation: I kind of showed how to activate snakes through the level design, but didn't really highlight how to deactivate them. I feel you on the undo button :D Probably one of the first things I'd add if I continued working on this.

Great visuals! Very smooth shapes and animations.

The gameplay was also quite interesting. The best strategy right now seems to be to spamclick all the buttons (LMB, RMB & Space), but with some tweaking, I could see some very intriguing combat emerging from the mechanics.

One easy QoL improvement is mouse trapping. I accidentally closed the game once by right-clicking the window frame and then clicking Close :D

The smoothness of the animations, the color scheme and the font all contribute to a really sweet style! Very nice!

Thank you very much! Agreed on the ending being confusing, I spent too much time making the last level. I think, you could consider it a puzzle in its own right :)

Also, there isn't any music, I just put "Yes" for the audio submission question, since silence isn't someone else's property, but thinking about it, it isn't really mine either :D

Thanks for playing! I won't forget to check out your game, just very busy at the moment :)

Thanks for the feedback! The shapes could definitely have used some more time.

If you get stuck in a level you can press R to reset. The jam submission page doesn't seem to show the full game description (where I put the controls), which is unfortunate.