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Steam doesn't give you shit until you already make at least, 5 figures. What you are talking about is status quo of 2015. Plus - I would rather give 100% of the cash to Tim rather than feed the already enormous behemoth.
Of course it's Tim's choice. 
And refusing to buy his game on Steam - is mine.

This is not the answer to my question. Fuck steam. They bleed out indies.

Oh I bought your creature pack an hour after release :D

Why is this game not available anymore on itch? :(

Hi Scom! Sorry for the late reply - Alder's Blood release is just around the corner so everyone's are super busy those days.
Every action in game use some amount of stamina. Moving, attacking or reloading. And when a character has run out of stamina - he does that 'crunching' animation. TL;DR - you need to manage your stamina carefully. 
As for the outline - moving within the outline doesn't cost stamina. Moving outside of it - does.