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This game was too good man :)

Great Game and great storyplay also....only one thing was that i encountered a glitch...i wasnt able to move so i had to restart

Damn this game is soo goood.....the STORY AND THE JUMPSCARES were scarry and horrific....a great game man....great job :)

Man what a great game....and the graphics are also soo good.... and just for sharing.... the mop only cleans when u directly look downwards at the stain .... but maybe im wrong...or doing it wrong if yes then surely tell me.... otherwise its a great game ... and the jumpscare was also very good :)

Man what a great game....i actually didnt even think the ending would be so good....and also every jumpscare got me :)

Damn i have played man in park 1 as well but honestly(dont tell to anyone).....this was better :)

Man what a game really great and loved everymoment of panic in it :)

The only game i have played whose story itself is too scary

Great game my guy, although as a fellow brother gamer i would like to say that u could add some sound effects or more jumpscares with the neighbour's door knocking....otherwise great game :)

Great game man....the jumpscares were crazy scary....nicely done :)....heres my playthrough

Man what a great game:) the jumpscare didnt even scare me....the audio itself is too scary ....heres my playthrough

GReat game brother....lives up to its name....quick and crisp

Man this game was crisp, short and horrific at the same time....kudos great job friend:)

Man it was such a horrific experience...truly it made me piss 3 times....heres my playthrough of it..... thank you :)

Even though the game doesnt have an actual jumpscare..... u have played with the audio like my gf played with me :) which i mean  u did a great job thanks :)

This is not debugging.....this is a brain tester : )

and i dont even know if i was supposed to do the way i did it but after doing it i felt as if i was newton :)

OH MY GOD THE SCARES WERE TOO GOOOD..... i literally jumped from the chair on all 3 big jumpscares ..... man u did a very great job ..... i would loveeee more games like this .... thanks :)

I loved her even when SHE did .....i loved her even when she DIDNT

Alright now this really played with me mind....and the ending was also superb great job my friend :)

Man what an awesome game 10/10 thanks for making it :)

Man what a great game .... it really takes the creeps to then next level as we dont know which mannequin will move .. great job my g


A very cool game and i really liked the idea of the gamestyle.... kudos....and i hope u make more games like this :)

Great game man

Man this game was amazing .... i woulld personally rate it 10/10 as you have done a great job for horror aspect aswell as the maze aspect of it thanks :)

A great game nicely done my man

Man what a game..... u have literally done an excellent job for the sound effects .... i would personally rate it 10/10 game

Man what a great game...not any spooks but the story itself is too spooky to comprehend overall a great game 

would also like to add i think you have made a few mistakes in the spelling you can go through my playthrough to check it.....not downgrading ur game....just helping you....gamer to gamer love :)

Hey lixian i think i encountered a bug ..... while going back up where we have to flash in the monster's eye..... after i reach quarter depth....the monster's eye cannot be seen and therefore he directly kills me....but if its just that im noob pls tell me then i will definetely continue my playthrough thanks :)

A great horror game ...... but i think i encountered an error while exiting the lift....the message to open the lift was stuck on the screen ..... except for that everything else was superb about the game

Even though it was only 3 mins long ..... and had one spook.....the spook was crisp and clean and the environment and style of playing was also soo cool.... would love to see more games with these types of controls from you :)

The game doesnt have many jumpscares but the ones which it has really scared me too much

a great horryfying experience and story overall

heres my video about it:)

Now this game was a great one....only i think after we die once....ronald already knows our location on that happened to me after i got the happy meal ending

Man what a great have played with the sounds too good.....even the truck sound in the end got me out of my chair 

this is my gameplay :)

What a great video....the jumpscares were the best as i literally jumped out of my chair......overall with a great was a real horror game

be sure to check out my video on me playing it....

thanks a lot for this experience :)

Man what a great horror experience really loved it..... heres me playing it

alright now this game was....even tho short and had its own unique type of horror. Personally i loved the way it ended :)