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Nexus Darkshade

A member registered Sep 20, 2016

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I dunno. Maybe things like lighthouses (concentric circles off-coast), statues (circle/free-form shape inset on a square), town halls (rectangle with protrusion), etc . Just something that stands out among the rectangular buildings that look the same.

Very nice updates recently. Could you add a few larger buildings perhaps? Or maybe add generation settings to include "landmarks"?

It was kickstarted several years ago, but they've barely posted any updates.

This is very weird. I've tried many things, but my computer keeps saying that I don't have permission to view or extract the contents of the zip file. When I tried redownloading the game from itch, it tells me that it is corrupted.

9 Nations community · Created a new topic App cannot load

When I try to start the game, Itch cannot find anything to launch the game with.

Yeah, I miss a lot of features from previous builds.

New unstable update is very interesting to play compared to the stable version. I miss the pixelated look though.

As far as I'm aware, it's unlimited waves.

Hey Anuke, can we get a player teleportation system? It doesn't have to be too powerful. Maybe like the item teleporter, except larger and requires more power (to teleport the player).

This is an idea for a resource-like object (ie: it can be picked up/dropped). Like the resources, it slows down the bots to carry it, and they can't attack. Unlike the resource, it can't be secured to a base.

A beacon looks like black ball styled like the resource "ball". When picked up, it can be "activated" or "deactivated "via action block. It takes 1 second to activate/deactivate the beacon.

Activated beacons glow brighter with the same color as the team which activated it.

It continues to be activated after being dropped or the bot which is holding it dies, however it does become deactivated after a period of time (10 seconds). Other teams can then activate it if it is deactivated, or deactivate and then activate it again under their team.

The beacon could be implemented to be used in domination style battles, or help with advanced combat tactics.

Some sample conditions are "if closest beacon is not activated", "if closest allyActivated beacon is at mediumRange", and "if closest shortRange ally carries beacon". The main parameters of course would be Activated (checks to see if it is activated at all), AllyActivated (checks to see if it has been activated by an ally). Deactivated would probably not be needed.