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I felt like there oughta be one place for everybody that's looking for a group, or looking for people to recruit can post about it, and not have to worry about the post getting buried by the main SA thread or the ever-moving Discord channel chatrooms.

So post a little about who you are, what you do, if you are looking for anybody in particular. Then, if you get picked up/pick up some folk, just edit your post here to reflect that! 

EDIT: I've come up with an idea I wanted to make with the theme, so I'll just recruit people myself now

Anyway I'll kick things off:

Hi, I'm NextTime, and I'm a Unity programmer. I'm pretty good at tweaking and balancing out ideas, and thinking ahead about how end users might approach situations. I'd be interested in grouping up with somebody who wants to handle art, 2d and/or 3d is fine. After that, if I could also find an additional programmer, that'd be cool too!

You can find me on the discord server with the same username here, feel free to DM me there if you're interested.