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Only one week left to get your beta key! Check this gleam link and complete a couple of actions to receive the key :D

Hey Robin! Thanks for the question. We didn't add the main hall and character progression in this beta. So the recent beta may also be considered as a demo and we only included a short portion of the game in it. So don't worry, we didn't remove this feature at all. 

Here is a concept of how the merchant room looks between the runs. You can buy some useful items, relics and also upgrade your weapon here!⚔

You will meet all kinds of weirdos in the Nightmare Realm... wait, is it a fishhook on his beard?🤔

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When you spent too much time playing with the slot machine

(Screenshot from KnighWolf via Discord)

We just made new logo animation for Crown Trick. What do you think?

What kind of strategy game is it if there is no real chess piece enemies?♟
Here is a sneak peek of how we implement one of the main boss battles in the full version of the game.

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We are currently having beta keys giveaway on gleam! Go to this gleam widget and complete a couple of actions to get a key:

P.S the beta will last until April 29th

Hey! You can use gamepad to play it! 

Yo! We are elemental bros! 

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Guys, let us present to you our first beta FANART!

(via twitter: lonelybread_)

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We are having our first community event with some prizes on Discord! Just join the server and post your screenshots with the results to participate:

You can click the link and sign up for the beta test:

Long time no see! Check out our new trailer for the closed beta test of Crown Trick. And follow this link to sign up for the beta:

The beta will be available until April 22.

Sorry, but we don't have plans for porting the game on mac so far. 

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Here is a showcase video of the Boss and Elite monsters in Crown Trick. All of it is a hand-drawn piece of game art made by our talented artists. Enjoy!

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Hey guys! Since we have a very small team and limited resources, we will only be able to continue posting our developer blogs and updates on steam community. Please check out the link below for more updates from us in the future:

Thank you all for the support <3

Haha thanks! Totally loved that video. If you want to see further updates about the game, then please join our discord server:

Thanks a lot for giving it a try! We are gonna update the demo build real soon. Meanwhile you can join out Discord to stay tuned about the updates:

Hi there! Thanks for such a funny and positive video review of our demo! We actually plan to release a closed beta version soon on steam. Can you please reach out to our staff through Discord?

P.S we couldn't find any other ways to contact you guys on Youtube. 

Thanks a bunch!

Thank you very much! You positive feedback really means a lot to us. We will do our best to polish the game and deliver something special!

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Crown Trick Demo FAQ 

Here is what we got so far:

Thanks! We will release Early Access on Steam within this year. 

Our team is too small to develop Linux version, but if we get more people like this game, we will try to develop it.Thanks acturally.

Thanks,we hope you can like our game.

Thanks a lot for official recommendation.

Thanks a lot for the article. Still a lot more need to be done to make a better gameplay. So glad to see many guys love our game, and welcome more to give us your thought and suggestions.@Alpha Beta Gamer

Thanks a lot, we will improve our game quality.❤

We got a youtuber from: @Fabled Jungle, he showed the game very well.

We got a stream from Esty8nine. He is really professional for a game of this kind and gave us some great feedback. Check it out! 

Watch CrownTrick First look! Then more games! Learn, Laugh, Ascend -Indies 6 days a week- from Esty8nine on