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Nexon Korea

A member registered Apr 01, 2020

Recent community posts

When will the full version come out?

When will the full version release?

Will there be update to this game?

Game is too dark

When will the full version release?

Option button does not work

It's little more dark than usual

The bookshelf one of the book says drag but does not work

At the end, when the floor collapses, if you fall, I have to load the game manually

I think there is a bug with brightness, sometimes its okay sometimes its too dark

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I am not even close with monster but I die

Can you fix this issue? Also after getting gas and heading to communication tower, monster speed is too fast. Monster is faster than me

How can you put skull in the grave?

If you die you have to start from the beginning 

please improve this

Thanks, will there be updates to demo version?

Looking forward to next game. You are awesome!

What month will the full version be released?

Yes! I also enjoyed playing Locked Up. Can't wait for the full release of the game. I hope April 2021.

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I rapldly pressed many time both the left and right mouse buttons at the same time and that happened

Bug: Picklock subtitle does not go away

I really enjoyed the game. It was little bit hard though.

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option bug: At main screen option I set the volume to max and start the game but in the game option volume is not max

and you should remove the read icon for the map

Also you can go through chair and clock i don't if its bug or not though

Thank you very much, when will next mode open?

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Could you make the knight's maze easier? little bit hard I think

and there is missing hz in the option for example 1920x1080 143hz

Will there be more updates?

W key not working I can't go forward

Will there be updates in demo version?

and is it possible to release the full game earlier? I can't wait till 2021!!

The game is very hard. Can you make it easier?

Diary says a large door opened downstairs and I should investigate but I couldn't find the opened door downstairs I'm stuck I don't know that to to next. Also it would be nice if there is a main menu screen and settings menu where we can change various options

In chapter digging, It's hard to go up the gate with boxes

Can you make it easy?

Freezes when finishing the game(white screen)

I have to quit the game forcely

I can't insert it could you try yourself?

I escaped, how can you watch the video tape that is in the bathroom?

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I got tape from bathroom and I got stuck in this room

and on second floor you can drag the 2 book on bookshelf but what does it do exactly?

I can't insert the video tape

In version 1.1, sometimes you get stuck in the vent can't move

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I cannot download the game completely

I have to pay MEGA

no more update?

Any news on Chapter 3?

Any future update plan? When is next update?