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Nexon Korea

A member registered Apr 01, 2020

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I like to find bugs that's all hehe


i died from poop killer, click retry and game does not progress anymore

what is updated?

you can fall down map at the beginning

I want to know which bug you fixed(more specific)
and more update coming?

you can climb up the building without unlocking door

3.0 patch note?

you can fall off the map at the beginning 
and add setting option

I am stuck in the alley nothing happens

more update coming?

more patch coming soon?

I just noticed this game cannot launch on Windows 11
could you fix please?

I faced the other side(not the door) and it worked haha

yeap maybe you should adjust this little bit

I keep die from chasing monster in the bunker

yes, EternalAbandonment.exe 

I am using Korean Windows 11 64bit

i cannot launch game

nothing happens when I double click

there is bug with wrong way 

you cannot get out, you stuck

how to change mouse sensitivity? 

and possible to provide download version?

bug: you can fall off the map

poop killer 4

how can you get good ending?

Poop Killer 3 coming soon?

change to WASD please

found one more this plant

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nope, you can just go through, also next to front door wooden thing

collision bug

(1 edit)

It works fine now

If I press tab or ESC, I cannot move anymore

you make game so fast!

fix bug please

how can you make games so fast?

can you fix this bug?

fix these 2 bug please

(1 edit)

moving around with mouse is not smooth(uncomfortable)

and I cannot go further to finish the game something is blocking the way

it's hard to find flashlight when power goes out, because it's too dark

what is ys-Dn2fq10M?