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Nexon Korea

A member registered Apr 01, 2020

Recent community posts

press q to close does not work

9 floor puzzle is too hard

make it easier

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fix plz

 if you go inside refrigerator and close door, you can't get out

i think there is bug with option

i choose 1920x1080 and it keeps change back to 1280x720 
and Window mode doesn't work

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please add save system

and make task show as default(don't need to press J)

and in chapter 2 it shows go back to sleep but i can't go back to sleep

walking too slow

you can use translator haha

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possible to add Korean? and walking speed is too slow

if possible I want to playtest your next game

here is bug video
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can you use latest version of Unity?

I think Unity 2021 is old version

and you there is a bug, you can fall off the map when you go looking for other bathroom

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there is collision bug on the roof

you can go through wall

there is typo in the option

check to use WASD

uncheck to use ZQSD

need WASD control

1.1.6 coming soon?

I want to know patch note

change the version number in-game

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bug game does not finish

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yes you should remove the object so that you cannot climb over

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bug: you can go to place that you are not supposed to

i know that you cannot update the game during the jam
but does it include bug fix also?

what is updated?

update coming?

some object there is collision bug

v0.3 patch note?

i figured it out thanks

i cannot open the top drawer on 2nd floor after using blue keycard

streetlamp is missing collision

i am stuck at the garage

bug i am not getting response

exit button does not work

will there be update?

more patch coming soon?

How did you add chinese and japanese? You can use machine translator

can you add Korean?

i will add korean can you give me scripts?

update coming?

will there be patch?

can you add korean using machine translator?

can you give me refund? I paid twice