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Finnaly someone with braincells


Just turn off ur anivirus for game time smh

You know how hard it is


69 days since last update *nice*

go to ur library

you cant @ people on and steam COSTS A LOT

parent time

it wont be on mac, get a good pc

you cannot get it free

do you know how hard it is to make a game in unity when you have no free time whatshoever?

stop acting poor and pay

smh pay

then PAY

download winrar

I love the nickname

Upgrade to 64bit windows

32bit system?

It says windows only....

lol, (edited)

Is your system 32bit?

Download winrar and unzip it

To anyone buying this, please note that this game is for 64 bit systems, when i tried playing it on another pc it won't start, so i sticked on to may main pc which is 64 bit and it runs fine.

Itunes is for music

all i know is that there will be a menu

stop acting poor and pay smh dont you have a 1.93?

its not that easy

you need to pay

That's OK, as long as this game is under developement i see you are involved in making it. keep up the good work!

is there a V0.05? i was hyped for a new version but i've seen in the development log its only 0.04

there is no menu (yet)

Keep it priced, the game is very cool and you deserve money from it. I would even donate but poland taxes 20%.

Lmao stop acting poor

Its not that easy

IT SAID WINDOWS WITH A WINDOWS ICON NEXT TO IT, next time think before u buy

Its not that easy

it looks like i unlocked the easteregg

even if you were a cheater, there are no cheats here

(1 edit)

Very epic game but i encountered some glitces,


  • after running into a consumer and dropping a box in the same time, you'll go flying and can fly over a couple of shelves.
  • if you are fast and aim in the product gap, you can stack 2 items at once.
  • <[EDIT]>: I'm sure i seen this before but if you wait in the employee only room you can stay here ans the manager will try to get you in the out of bounds area


  • if a consumer starts his speech in the same time as you throw a box at him, he gets knocked out and after a while he proceeds to run all over the store and you freeze and the speech didnt even  show yet, then he calls the manager and game over.
  • if you run into a consumer, these things can happen:

1. If ran lightly, he will freeze his speech for 2-5 seconds.

2.If full speed ran into, he will push you and you will go faster-than-sprint backwards and then he needs to go to you and you need to wait 2-5 more seconds.

although very glitchy, there was a good experience. even on a slow pc, game runs at 60fps.