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Interesting idea, commander, could also be changed to something else depending on maps, but- maybe it should be more of, they have to survive to the end, yeah, then do a task, you also said that... BUT, they're announced at the beginning of the game, as the crew of your... whatever depending on the map would know who was leading them, that could also be a nice replacement for a detective. But it should be in a seperate "party mode" with potentially different roles, but only a few, one i just thought of was the "Coordinator" being an imposer who can see the location of other imposters, any maybeeee, place a tracker on one crew member, a subtle animation could accompany it

Discord does work but native voice chat, and maybe even a mode with short proxy chat would be niiiice, you can't deny that

well players will have accounts in Among Us 2- but accounts don't currently, and might not be to be implemented into among us (1), as the game was never designed for that(which is the entire purpose of among us 2, to be built to last and expand upon), though i suppoossseee, you could submit a receipt from steam or whatnot to innersloth......those would just suck to go through, so you likely will not be able to transfer stuff, but i don't code, im just thinking logically 

yeah but if people want to play a standard 2 imposer, 10 total member game than the detetive has a 20% chance to get someone out off the bat, which isn't so fun, and that likelyhood of randomly discovering the imposter only goes up as the game progresses

Yes there is going to be more players, but thats to help balance 3 imposter games, primarily. That detictive system would be much better than... some of the other ones ive heard, and the medic- thinks for a second... well...they would only have a certain amount of time to revive someone... but that eliminates those kills in the dark when everyones in a group, or any other sly imposter killing that i oh so enjoy~ so i wouldn't think that would ever come to fruition, but that detective idea is plausible  

Well the problem with that is an ad might disrupt the actual game... though there could just a gag ad for a task that anyone could get, just a "Coming Soon- Among us 2~ (updates, one day)"

You have to get Among Us on Steam, but you can email ... i think its " " to request a steam key for the game, that way you don't have to re buy the base game if you've done so already

yeah... perhaps the host of the game's vote could count as double or triple for those trolls and AFKers. but on a side note! just thought of something! just an idea for a holloween themed map with a unique ... function? idk, it would probably be something like a graveyard but... the unique thing being that ghosts can do extra things uwu, something like lighting up lanterns to warn or guide the crew, or illuminate pathways! but i know that would be a lot of work, just an idea UwU~ 

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Ah yes there is, when you're in your game on cool math games simply go to settings and hit the Export button, then once you're back on this site in the main menu go to load game and at the bottom you will see an Import button, there you can import the save file to this site. 

i didnt read below qwq, darn active devs, how dare they! TwT

P.S. <3


ive emailed you already, i haven't received any followups..... ah.... i just... h-havent checked my email... QwQ sorry qwq

no no no! if that existed then i wouldnt have a chance to plug my social medias so people can add me and we can plan games! UwU, this is a joke that would be great~ but thats not as simple of a thing to implement as most would assume

So bought it, with dem hats on through, and now i need an update... does this mean im really going to have to buy this on steam, then get hats....then get the maps finally , no maps it fair enough, but still the game and hats qwq
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So i downloaded it from here... but now i want to buy more stuff... i got it here for 5$ because hatssss. but now i want the maps and petsss, if i buy the stuff on steam does it still work?      thats a no.

So, with the experimental farm and the addition of a lab with the genetic crop engineering upgrade... indoor farms are superior?

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Yeah, its not really a matter of skill, but once your population is at 2000 you do need to go to the population tab and raise the limit up, (may cause lag and/or frame drops) edit:....i misread that so hard.....

the society of the secret key was quite demanding... i might have over done it. This is my first play through after all and i... didnt handle it too well lol, i love my farming system~ but are eco farms more efficient?