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Actually quite enjoyed this. I sort of wanted to keep going but I figured I should avoid an hour long video! 125k score. 

The stink lingered in my nose even after playing. The foots dialog gave me a good chuckle!

I really enjoyed this game. Gave me a good laugh...however that dang samantha calling me over AND OVER AGAIN.

I actually got spooked at one point and I'm not sure how to feel about that. Good o'l spongebob horror games!

I actually did enjoy this. Camera was a little wonky it be nice if I could see in front of me.  

This game was interesting with just so many weird ways to try to stay afloat! I'd imagine it'd be fun with sabotage them of course. 

Squiggly arms = 10/10 game.

Well that all happened. I promise I had 0 nightmares....okay maybe 50.

I played the entire thing in one go. (will be 2 videos) but GAHH I hate horror games. My own footsteps scared me! I'm happy I played it though. Good game.

(also early on I say noise crackle was from the game. I believe it was actually just to loud in my headphones)

This gave me a right good chuckle. The bus is am amazing flying machine! 

Though it is sad the game has come to an end. I enjoyed playing it despite soaking myself for the video/thumbnail. Thanks for making a fun game.

It was fun haha. Sadly I'm terrible at games such as these and only made it so far :(

I'm terrible with horror things. This creeped me out so much more than I was expecting. 

well I HAD to record more of this haha. This game's been a lot of fun so far! 

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I was hoping it was level based to be honest BUT it's still so much fun. Would recommend!

I've been looking for a game that is fun but may make me rage. This is extremely fun and I think more videos I'll eventually rage haha. 

I'm happy I enjoyed it as well! Good job friend.

I'm quite the scaredy cat so this game actually made me scream a bit haha. That pesky trapdoor was hard to find!

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My friend sent this to me as what I believe was supposed to be a troll. I recorded it. That'll show em! I thought it was an interesting little game. I had a good time recording it...I still wish I could punt that little

Those edits were me trying to figure out how to embed the video. ;-;