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The new version of the game add a lot lot of zombies ... barely unplayable ... And the random option appear to often, it ruin the rhythm of the gameplay ...

I play with a controler, and I need to take the mouse, why don't we chose with the arrows  ?

You just put Ghostbuster in the title to attract people. There is nothing related to the franchise. Don"t waste your time in this generic random bad game...

fun little game, no music/sound and seem to be buggy when you choose the option randomly .

Yep, I 'll do it for fun ;)

Hi, do you need some music ? I 'll be happy to do it :)

Hi, do you need some music ? I 'll be happy to do it :)

can't even pass the black screen ... too buggy for me...

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Nice atmosphere,  graphic is old school, but ok.

The difficulty go very hard suddenly. I just spent 1.5 hour on one impossible puzzle. nearly impossible

I like the way you progress, the variation on the gameplay

No walkthrought too (I hate when you need that to finish a game).

Just one word came to mind playing it : frustration ... 

And the average session indicate is half hour...

I don't particularly recommend this game, despite his great ideas, the peaceably ambience, the difficulty is sometimes too hard for me.

3/5 stars :)

I don't appreciate the game. the character move is odd, and there are a few bugs. and the are LOADING SCREENS !!! Wtf ???

dommage, aucun élément nous donne envie de tester le jeu...

heum ... just after opening the fridge... we can't do anything after that...

completely stuck . I hate that..

How people can publish such rubbish ? It doesn't even work ...

My bad, the game is bad, and ugly ... sorry

You know when it's a bad game when you can't even pass the menu ...

it's silly, but great ;)

heu... ok ... why not ... But why it isn't specify ? I like the Principe, but it's quickly boring ...

Why there is blue and red ticket ? you specify nowhere why they 're two... He didn't enjoy the game because It's incomprehensible ...

look amazing, and what a description full of screenshot. It give us the envy of trying it !! Good works:)

I spent 10 minutes on the same page with a lot lot lot of text... it's boring and you can't even pass the long dialog. Forgettable .

Too short, too bad, it's excellent !

this is horseshit. unplayable

horseshit... don't waste your time

it looks great !

L'affaire Powell community · Created a new topic Cool game

Nice graphics. it makes you want to play it.

Good job !

Nice game. It enjoy me for a few minutes. the bee counter doesn't go the 1 after a game over. it a little bit silly, bee's always find their hives , why do we must indicate them ?

The control is just awful ... I manage to have the direction tool 1 time for 3 try ...

Cool little game ! nice graphics/music. 

It's not easy on the first try, the control are unusual. Good job :)

What an awesome little game !

The music loop is good, the graphics are simple but great.

Thanks !

This game is shit ... It know it mean to be like this,  but I you mute the sound, it can be playable ... until level 5 or 6 who is just unbeatable due to bad hitbox setting ...

Don't waste your time ...

Nice little game. It go for a few minute, but the impossibility of running or barking (it way speed up the sheep) made this game quickly boring...

Nice music otherwise :)

Yep, je comprends. je respects le travail bien sur, les graphismes sont sympa, mais il y a vraiment trop de problèmes... Bonne continuation ;)

Thanks for your response. But my patience have his limit ... The game is so frustrating ... I hating him now.. I spend hours try to understand or complete them. I finally complete the one "x" puzzle, I don't know how ... I just randomly clic (yes it's fun ...)

And now I'm stuck with the stone and I can't figure how the f*** I can go out...

I suppose it's turn on/off the 4 lamps with the code  after turning all of them on. But after a lot, lot, lot of attempt, I give up... 

Those puzzles are two vague, not comprehensible (and for 25 years, I 've done a lot ) some puzzle I don't even know how I pass them (the one with electrical circuit  have no meaning ...)

This game was not enjoyable to play, too frustrating. A game should not be like that ... When you need a soluce after being stuck in a long time; it's not a good game ... specially when you don't have one

Sorry ... but I don't recommend a game YOU CAN NOT FINISH...

Worst game I've played here ... Sorry ...

It's messy, you don't know what to do,  control are weird and what is this music ????

What an amazing game !! Second time I play it, still awesome..

You need to do a full version and sell it !!!

Thanks !

Nice music, nice graphics. difficulty are not very well balanced.I needed to see in the comments 2 times how to do it.

The jump is tricky, but I enjoy playing it;

Thanks !

Nice job, but the control are awful ... game pad ? Mouse ? Both ?

I didn't enjoy playing it. But thanks for sharing this !

it  have great graphic ( no sound/music ...)

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Cool little game. nice graphic and music ;)

BUT WHAT IN THE HELL didn't you made it in English ??? you miss 95% of the audience ... I 'm french, I always propose both languages when I make a game...

I understand a little, but it's not comfortable. 

The wall double jump suck... It's frustrating ... I discovers it after a few minutes, so I miss a lot of thing.

and it's very hard to control...

Sadly when I got the 25 items, my counter drop to 10/25 ... very frustrating ...

Good job !