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I like the idea, the graphics of the menu and the music is awesome... But it's the only good point... sadly it's unplayable ... the physics are out, can't even pass the first level... Good work anyway.

The camera is annoying ... it's impossible to play.. sorry..

Look awesome !!

Good art style/music. But it's fun for 10seconds ...

Yep, I wanted to appreciate the game, but the control made the experience not enjoyable. I 'm sure with a few modification, it will be better :)

Yep, I see, but when I create mines, I always propose both of them (English is not my native language)  it give the possibility to be played by all.

I will never understand people posting their game here is their native language ... How I'm supposed to play the game if I don't know what is it about ?

Thanks, but I still don"t get it ... I try for 15 min, there is something wrong... It's not fun anymore...

Ok, I 've enought. The scale puzzle is incomprehensible ... I've try every possibility (Stones = I OR V OR VI, Stones =  1 2 3 4 5 6 7).

I almost let it go with the 6x6 dumb stone puzzle.

The graphics is not so good, music is not good or bad. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE CARD ??? It's annoyable and I don"t understand if it help or not..

There is some bug, and sometimes you succeed on a puzzle without understand how ...

I don't particularly recommend this game (unless you find a walkthrought, yes it's fun when you need this when you play a game ...). It as an atmosphere, but it's the only positive point I've find playing it...

Good job otherwise, it's a lot of work.

What a cool little game ! the graphics are good, the music/sound is ok. I liked the atmosphere. The search is not frustrating. But I didn't like the end, completely out of contest. Thanks :)

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The game is not so good and it's my fault ???

No, I wil not. I made games too, and when it's good  or bad we have the freedom do speak. My criticism are always with arguments. It's not my fault if your games sometimes sucks).  Have a nice day.

The annoying voice which you CAN'T disable make this game barely unplayable... One advise, muted your sound system ..

The rest is nice,  sometimes not easy to understand, but quit fun to play.

Don't pay for this at this point, it have only 6 levels (10min) 2€ for that ? come on guys ...

Cool little game, a map or de-zoom would have been better. Good job :)

The control is awful... unplayable sorry..

Fun for 15 secondes...

Completely random with unexplained mechanic.Waste of time. What are we superposed to here ? C'mon seriously... A little effort to explain ... Bad. Except the ambiance/music, but the rest ruin all

Too slow... It ruin the gameplay. Not for me sorry

What a cool little game ! Except when you must close the dialoge, it RUIN the experience... Music is good, graphics is ok. 4/5 Good job :)

How we 're supposed to see all that in such short time ? The idea is good, the rest is not so good. 2/5 good job otherwise

Passable game. The idea of having the monitor upside down is terrible ... Music/graphics are ok.

Did I miss somethings ? The conclusion break all what you build... It have a nice atmosphere, melancholy. But why call this "The Lighthouse" ? it's just change the fuse in the garage. You can't even go upstairs. It's a good start, and we hope you continued. 4/5 The graphics/music are very good. But I didn't enjoy the "rotate your pad until it do smethings" I passed half the time what button should I rorate or push or pul... The end is not good too, sorry.

Good work otherwise !!

;) It 's not I didn't like it, it's it not fit with the atmosphere.

What a cool little game. the story is good, the graphics is ok, no more. But the music doesn't match the atmosphere . And there are no sound at all. 3/5 stars. Too bad for the music, I deactivate it.

totally without interest ... Just some wires on screen no logic. Don't waste your time.

Sorry unskippable long dialog ruin the experience... Good job otherwise, it look beautiful and the music is nice

Didn't like it. to obscure .. good job otherwise.

Awesome ! thanks :)

Excellent ! What another  good game, nice atmosphere/music.  Thanks !!

Excellent ! What another  good game, nice atmosphere/music.  Thanks !!

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Excellent ! What a good game, nice atmosphere/music. 

Thanks !!

1/5 ...  For solving this game , you must click on random place with the hope it do something... Don't waste your time ... (for the the end, I click on the book under the table and after the lock ... why ?? )

Far from home community · Created a new topic Good
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First, with the dumb key-card speed, I almost give up...

But I finally succeed this stupidest puzzle, and I enjoy the game !

Like the atmosphere, the humor, and the music.


C'mon ...  I'm stuck in the closet ... why the unlocked doors keep closed ... It's frustrating.  

Basic puzzle, nothing to see here.

Good job otherwise.

Make my windows 10 crash... Can't even access to the game ...

No end ??? just a black door ??? 

The puzzles confused me a lot. without the solution, it's very hard. A lot of failure, but it have a nice atmosphere.

Good job otherwie

That look awesome !!! I will definitely play it !

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The new version of the game add a lot lot of zombies ... barely unplayable ... And the random option appear to often, it ruin the rhythm of the gameplay ...

I play with a controler, and I need to take the mouse, why don't we chose with the arrows  ?