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Ok after uninstalling and reinstalling it, it works now

Awesome as heck game, but whenever I try to exit the first level, the game crashes and GZDoom asks me to send a report. Not sure what to do so some insight would help.

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I do admit this is the first visual novel I played, but heed me me out on this; Yeah, Yeah...It's full of weird crap that would freak out most people but honestly I loved it! The characters have strange but cute designs as well with personality, The story is simple for a visual novel, And at the end of the day; It's short but sweet. What may turn people off from this is that you don't really make a decision until near the end where you decide the story's ending and that there is a bunch of grammer errors here and there , But it is worth a try if you like. One more thing to wrap up this here block of text is this: Not to spoil anything, But the actual ending just melted my heart~ 

Overall, my opinion in a nutshell:

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Heck Yes! they look so adorable when they are big and puffy~