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this version is sick 😎💵😎

yea! I just added a bunch more units and moved the table of everything to a separate devlog page here:

Gotcha! I will look into that - thanks again for the feedback : )

Thanks for checking it out! 

If there's something specific you were confused about, don't hesitate to let me know. Hopefully I can try to clear it up!

- Not sure what you mean about the 4x speed animations?

- clicking on character: ah yea that's confusing. Right now if you right click you will de-select, but i'll need to make this better

- skipping the tutorial is a good idea!

Thanks for the feedback!

YES! Can't wait : )

really nice start! i think the vibe you've chosen: the music/sound/and paper aesthetics with the chess theme work really well and feel cohesive. a great foundation for adding more content : )

is there any reason for not allowing me to place towers while the game is paused?

Thanks for playing! Yea I think that synergy is probably OP right now. There will definitely be lots of balancing to do on my part.

haha nice! I was wondering if anyone would find that : ) I'll definitely have to nerf that at some point - maybe where you get more essence, but you can only do it once per store phase. thanks for playing!

Thank you for taking the time to provide so much feedback!

I definitely agree with you about the problems around persisting effects from combat. I'm currently considering changing this. I think the problems are compounded by the fact that the game has one loss leading to total defeat. I think the summons persisting from combat is the one especially interesting thing here, but maybe that could be some kind of item or indulgence - I'll probably have to try some things and see.

You point about the on-death items is very interesting too. They become completely different if a unit were to be resurrected after each combat.

Thanks again! Feedback is very appreciated.

Thanks for letting me know! For anyone else wondering who might find this: Looks like the game isn't working on the app right now. I'm not really sure why, but I'm looking into it. In the meantime, you should still be able to play this in a web browser.

The One True Cell 🙏🏽

Thanks for playing, and thank you for making such great assets! They really motivated me a lot during development ❤

Thank you! Thanks for all the feedback : )

Altar Beast rulez - very charismatic. Yea summoning is always super fun : )

I just posted a new game I've been working on for about a month called...

Order Automatica

It's a turn-based auto battler on a grid where you: 

  • Draft your grid of allies
  • Arrange them in synergistic formations
  • Equip items to gain power
  • Survive against a gauntlet of enemy grids
  • Perform the rites and ascend with a variety of different team builds
  • Unlock new allies and power ups!
  • It has character art from an asset bundle I bought on itch by Penusbmic:

This game was inspired by my love of Super Auto Pets, with the twist that your characters are on a grid. The grid stuff is based on some ideas I've had bumping around in my head ever since I played the game Loot Rascals a few years ago, which has a grid-like position-based buffing system.

I hope to keep developing this game, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Some things I have in mind to add:

  • More allies, items, and indulgences and a more involved metagame for unlocking these things
  • An ally leveling system (probably something similar to DOTA Underlords where your ally automatically levels when you own 3 of the same)
  • General graphical upgrades, bugfixes, and quality of life improvements

Thanks for taking a look!

This was super fun!

Some thoughts:

  • Music and sound is great : )
  • Game feel is great - I like how you chose different colors for enemy bullets and your own bullets.
  • I think I'd like a more prominent indicator of where I'm shooting. Maybe a line that extends away from the player a bit so I can judge my angle a little better. (I've played some games where lengthening this aimer can also be a power up).
  • I tried playing on a controller first because I thought I needed to based on the start screen. It was way harder with a controller! Once I started playing with the arrow keys I did a lot better.
  • When it says "DEAD" it's very slow and I want to get back to playing much faster. 
  • Maybe the fighting round could start with a reload? (Because I lose my first clip before enemies are really on screen).

Haha! Loved this concept and there's a lot of funny flavor text. Well done : )

Oh cool! thanks : )

This is so cool : ) Do you have any blog post about how you made this? (like what you used to program it)

Thanks! Yea definitely some weirdness about the limits. At one point I wanted to make it so that going too high meant you were released from earths gravity completely and thrown into the darkness of space, and then going too low meant you got burned up in the atmosphere so that you were just in a sweet spot waiting to be saved. Would make more sense if the debris was satellites and stuff like that. 

And yea, the 3d perspective makes it a little weird at times : /

Thanks for playing and for your comment!

Thank you for playing and for your thoughtful comment!

I had the same thought about healing the jokey or outright mean comments ❤

 💖 🐬 💖

Thank you so much!

Yes, the soundtrack is available on Steam:

I'd like to put it up somewhere else, but haven't gotten around to that yet : /

This was real nice : )


this was very good : ) i won with 15 cds w00!

Love this idea! Congrats on making such a great thing : )

thanks Noli : )

Thanks icy icy : )


Thank you!

The chance is very high lol - it might be 100% - there are possibly some bugs left over in here too.

Awesome video! Thanks for playing : )

Thank you : )

Nice job! This was kewl : )