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Oh cool! thanks : )

This is so cool : ) Do you have any blog post about how you made this? (like what you used to program it)

Thanks! Yea definitely some weirdness about the limits. At one point I wanted to make it so that going too high meant you were released from earths gravity completely and thrown into the darkness of space, and then going too low meant you got burned up in the atmosphere so that you were just in a sweet spot waiting to be saved. Would make more sense if the debris was satellites and stuff like that. 

And yea, the 3d perspective makes it a little weird at times : /

Thanks for playing and for your comment!

Thank you for playing and for your thoughtful comment!

I had the same thought about healing the jokey or outright mean comments ❤

 💖 🐬 💖

Thank you so much!

Yes, the soundtrack is available on Steam:

I'd like to put it up somewhere else, but haven't gotten around to that yet : /

This was real nice : )


this was very good : ) i won with 15 cds w00!

Love this idea! Congrats on making such a great thing : )

thanks Noli : )

Thanks icy icy : )


Thank you!

The chance is very high lol - it might be 100% - there are possibly some bugs left over in here too.

OMG thank you! This was so good lol - made my day : )

We are! Let's hang : )

Awesome video! Thanks for playing : )

Thank you : )

Nice job! This was kewl : )

Awesome! haha

Hi! I'm a fan and email list subscriber. Keep up the good work!

Bug (playing on a Mac El Capitan):

1. Found a dragon's lair.

2. Stole dragon's gold.

3. Could not hit the dragon no matter what. Kept missing no matter where I stopped the cursor.

Thanks gallerdude!