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Hehe thanks for playing and leaving a comment 🥰

Thanks for letting me know. As far as I know there isn't a bug there. It's possible to calculate for yourself using the starting cards (you start with 9 busts in your deck) and the number underneath the deck (which tells you how many cards remain in your draw pile).

I've added this! (well, drawing up is the default draw now), and now there's an actual finish-able set of deadlines : )

I'm pretty sure this is now fixed!

ooo yea, i already played Kingscraft! loved that : )

Thank you! I (mickey) really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment like this 💗

New Beings is currently myself and Brendan, but I've done a lot of solo dev this year, which I always try to note in the comments. This game, First Contact Department, and Possibility Space, are all solo jams I did this year. I am also mostly solo on Order Automatica.

Yea, it's been a productive year for me! Just feeling inspired I guess : ) I've got my workflow down quite solidly too, which has been helpful.

The stuff on your page looks very nice - I will check it out!


I think that's a great idea : ) I have a few additions I'd like to make when the game jam judging is over.

sorry that happened, and thanks for letting me know! thanks for playing : )

Thanks for playing! Yea I was surprised by the headphone mix too : ( It's definitely mixed for laptop speakers at the moment lol.


Thank you so much! That will happen someday : )


good shit 💖

thanks for the update! that should be fixed on the experimental branch (

and will be included in the next update here : )

thanks for playing! this is great feedback and i hope to balance all those things out.

thanks for letting me know!
so, a unit hits someone with their cell 5 book power, and they have less than 0 health, but they don't die?

ah dang - thanks for letting me know! i think some other people have experienced the same thing, so I hope to get this fix into the next update.

Sorry to hear it. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble recreating this - I might need more info like what browser you're using. A video would be the most helpful and/or if you know how to open the browser inspector and get logs from the console.

does it feel too overpowered that way? Thanks for playing : )

Thanks for playing and for letting me know! Looking into it!

Thanks for playing and for making the video! I love that you called it a "Sniper + Summon build" hehe

thanks for playing and for taking the time to let me know about this! sorry that happened to you - looking into it!

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing : )

ah dang that's annoying - sorry that's happening to you. thanks for letting me know.

does it happen on a specific rank or just everywhere?

I just pushed an update that fixes the bug with getting the "no level 3" attainments. Thanks for finding that!

I'm still working on the demi-summoner bugs.

As for the bugs you reported in rank 2, it might be a bit until I get to those since that section is in flux a bit.

Thanks again so much for your feedback!

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This is the way fusion works: 

When going to level 2 it chooses the highest health and attack and adds +3 to that in the resulting unit.

When going to level 3 it does the same but adds +6 health and attack. 

At least that is how it is supposed to work! I haven't been able to reproduce the automaton leveling problem myself, but I'll continue to keep an eye out.

Thanks for the heads up on the wrong numbers for the spiked helmet - that was an easy fix and I can hopefully push an update for that soon.

As for the altar beast problem when using the "on hit" distillation - I was able to reproduce this. I'm considering removing the "on hit" distillation in some way because it causes A LOT of bugs and edge cases with distillation (and it might just be way too powerful). Gotta think about it!

Thanks again for all the comments and bug reports!

I'm glad you like the updates! I REALLY appreciate your feedback and continued playing of the game ❤️

I hope to take a look at all these issues this weekend, and I'll also get back to you about how fusion works

thank you so much for taking the time to write this! I'm going to be away from my computer all week, but i hope to get to these fixes when I'm back.

so sorry you lost your progress, but i'm glad you're having fun with it.

real nice : ) everything feels very considered - beautiful animations and charming 3D models. great work!

Loved this 💙


happy to hear it gave you some laughs, thanks for playing!

thanks! no plans for that in the short term, but maybe some day!

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thanks for the thoughts! and thanks for playing! I'll check out the gam you mentioned : )

hehe - thanks for playin!

thanks for playing!