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i'm actually in tears. i am so, so sorry for your loss. this was such a visceral experience, playing through this story you told us. it brings back so many feelings of loss that i've gone through as well - i've never read anything that capture the empty feeling of shock that comes with being blindsided by losing someone you loved.

i hope you and your family have peace now, or are on the way to it. 

oh okay! that totally makes sense. and despite getting a little confused, i really enjoyed playing your game :D the puzzles were very nice and i liked how they were based on the story of the room. great work!!

i'm a bit confused by the story in this game? i reached the ending i think... but i don't understand it. (i don't want to spoil it here by asking about it directly though)

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this was so cute!! i took the longer quiz first, and while they didn't guess correctly (they guessed aries and i am a sagittarius c: ), aries happens to be my rising sign! so i'm not super surprised. y'all did a great job!

edit: the same thing happened on the shorter quiz, but i totally get it, with the rising sign n all < 3

i downloaded and extracted it, but there is no executable game file? only unplayable data files :(