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Hello, I recently bought the Justice and Racial Equality bundle- and the bundle just ended. Am I unable to download the game now that it's over? :(

Thank you very much! I was just being slow :o)

Hello! Can you please help me? I'm trying to find where the photos go when I take them!! 

This game is absolutely stunning. The graphics and pixel art are amazing, I love the foxes when they walk and they're hunting/pouncing, It's a game that I'll likely use to help calm me down or when I'm angry and need to "hunt" something. Thank you for creating it!

I did find an issue where around the area in which there's a ton of stairs that go up on the right side of the map, the foxes sometimes get stuck in the very side of it and you have to go "into them" to be able to get them out, which was still somewhat difficult. I would also suggest seeing if you could possibly make it so you don't only play for 4-6 days? Perhaps just an endless game. Maybe you could go up to around 3-4 upgrades in every upgrade slot, meaning you could upgrade speed 3-4 times before you fill it up. Maybe even different coloured foxes? But I understand that Arctic Foxes (white foxes) and others generally come from around the area they're in, and red foxes are the most common in forests. 

I very much appreciate this game, and will keep playing it !!! :-) 


Can someone please tell me how to interact with things? I'm clicking and pressing buttons, but nothing is happening

Help would be much appreciated!