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this reminds me of an earlier glider sim that was shareware but also kinda cancelled.. happy to see that someone made something like this in 2020!

Gotcha! I'll keep playing the game, might actually buy the game soon, it being "name your own price" priced after all, I'll probably pay an equivalent of a few packs of cigarettes or a bag of coffee beans, a box of energy drinks, whichever "programmer stimulant" you favor :) Good luck with the development!

Saving and loading 64x60 map is flawless, testing autosave now, when I have finished testing on this save I will stress/chaos test it by trying double, quadruple, octuple, etc. sizes of maps and if you want I can try and hexedit a test save to be some insane dimensions, with either cloned or random data. :) I really enjoy helping you out here. Will report back if there are any further bugs, crashes or oddities!

Hey its alright, I have encountered similar issues with a proprietary game engine just not being nice about savedata handling or dealing with large multidimensional arrays, though unity really should be able to handle all that data, is it all stored in map tile objects or something like that? That might be it, try storing the map separately from agents and nobles and stuff, like maybe its expecting to write a block of data each iteration of the writing loop that is much less complex, IDK. I know of unity games that supposedly handle equal, if not larger and denser amounts of data. 

If all fails, then I can recommend Godot, much better licensing(you don't have to pay a single dime no matter how much you make, you can release your games and software with any license you want, you fully own the product of your own design and labor), skills carry over just fine from Unitys SDK to Godots SDK. You got full access to source engine code, too. Engine is written in C++ and it supports both C# and their own (very trivial to learn) python or JS like language for scripting, and the community is really, really helpful and supportive.

Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in making this game, I love playing it!

Sorry for the "reply spam" but I have narrowed down the cause of the error! It is related to map size, I had no issue saving and loading a default 32x30 map and somehow when I generated the 64x60 map it saved "fine" but when I tried to load it I got a NullReference error. So it seems to be related to the saving and loading system not being geared for maps larger than default

Okay so I reviewed the output log, it seems to contain sensitive information that does not belong to me, mainly file system paths with a name that does not belong to me, there is a first name in the filepath that starts with 'A'  and yeah it seems to be some sort of stack overflow and there is an entire block before the game crashes/freezes/breaks of just errors relating to some sort of serialization stuff

Okay so yeah I still get failure to save and then error message spam and a crash, I will look for the output log! Where do I send it to you?

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Thanks for the reply! I will test it out to the best of my ability! No need to be sorry about the bugs, you are doing this for free and I really appreciate the work. About the saving issue I tried to run it as admin, the game was extracted into a folder on my desktop and all other games have never had any issue saving files, even when not running as admin, but I will try again and give you some better error readouts. Does it create any crashlogs anywhere(if it can even do that right now?) and is there anywhere I can report bugs and issues more directly than here?

Edit: Testing the new version right now, I haven't gotten to saving yet, but I encounter this issue now where I can not make my enthralled noble vote for something else, I can only make them boycott the vote. It is for any type of vote, not just provincial or national elections

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Still fails to save, something about a null reference or something. Now with the autosaving it kills the game by trying to save and failing, it also asks windows firewall for permission to connect to the internet, which I by principle deny singleplayer games the perms to