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I haven't played this yet, so I'm not sure if there are further errors, but I had a little trouble opening it too **Mac OS Sierra!**, and Xand's suggestion of using iZip specifically to open the .rar did the trick! The game opened right up after I copied the entire folder inside to my computer.

That all sounds great!! I can't wait.

Oh no! I do like Burdoc very much, I promise! He seems like a very sweet boy, I just didn't like him as a romantic option? I use this term quite loosely, as I did before, though I'm at a loss since that how they're usually described. But, seeing the three of them together, looking past my issues with how they get there, they do fit together very perfectly. I don't think he was a poorly made character at all!

I'm not uncomfortable with the poly option at all (I'm a little poly myself actually, haha), though I can understand why you'd think that.  I actually really like what you were going for! Poly couples get a bad rep far too often, especially non het poly couples, and I think the idea here was really really nice. And, once I worked out what kind of story it was, it felt very natural and sweet for all of them to end up together.  It's more like, due to the way the game flowed, it felt like a penalization for not going that way no matter what (despite the few things I pointed out about how it doesn't exactly feel honest in the moment to do so), and a bit unfair toward the player/protagonist for just the idea of him liking one differently than the other, or just not wanting to entangle with both without full understanding. But! Once I realized why that would be (they ALL like eachother!) it made more sense, but until the realization of what I was supposed to do to get a Good ending, it felt quite awkward that they'd respond that way (to the player/protag liking one differently), and still awkward to try and ""romance"" (again, for lack of a better term in the genre) them both.

This is all a lot of words on my part, haha, but I do want to say that actually taking into consideration how much (or little) time you had to work on this does change my perspective. I can see why things like I'd previously mentioned would be non-thoughts with such a small time period! And I should have thought of that to mention in my points, in all fairness. I also should have taken care to better explain that the linear idea of the game was good! Sometimes people have set stories/variations in mind and want to tell them, and I lied that! Honestly, my only discomfort with the linear quality is  due to the lack of being able to say 'no' while still spending time with friends in other routes, and the lack of honesty if you choose to say yes to both! Without those things coloring the playthroughs around them, I really wouldn't have a problem with there being a 'set' ending or idea of what the character should do. Quite the opposite- I would have really liked that the 'true'st feeling ending is the one where they're all together!

I was already really looking forward to your other projects, but I feel EXTRA good about it, reading your response. It really did clear things up! I'll definitely go back and get the rest of the endings now, since I feel a bit better about the game after this. :) Thank you!

-Spoilers abound!-

It's a cute game, and I like there's an ending that's a poly one, but I didn't really enjoy that the game presents what are basically illusions of romantic options in order to do it. I understand the idea, but I genuinely just... did not like Burdock as more than a friend character? I wanted to romance Malik, the game makes it seems as if that's possible, but what it really is (if you're not a bad friend and don't neglect one person just because you're not interested in them, of course), is that your 'romance' of one character is seen as just the less important 'prelude' to the poly ending. Some games are made with a distinct romantic entanglement in mind, and that's a good thing! Having a game where the 'true' ending is the poly ending, I think, is a really great thing. But without knowing that that's the sort of romance game I'm getting into, it sort of feels like my options were to romance a character I didn't want to romance, or don't get an ending with the character I wanted to anyway, and know that eventually the 'right' thing will happen and they'll all get together anyway. I do like that neglecting a friend is deservedly Bad Ending'd, but especially when it amounts to essentially a handful of days next to years of friendship, it feels rather... slanted, to actually penalize the player for what is essentially just not wanting to sleep with one of the friends (since you cannot interact with them past a certain period without being at least physically involved with them).

I think if, perhaps, it was possible to keep interacting with a friend without it becoming something more than friendship, it would feel less like being led on a leash while still preserving the poly-ending as the True ending. As it is... yeah, it kind of just feels like a penalty for not wanting to sleep with both friends. Which, I'll also note, I'd  avoided doing at first because the game doesn't make immediately obvious until you've already done it that sleeping with both friends would even be a good thing. You don't tell either friend that you've already begun 'something' with the other friend before you do it, or the person you've already been involved with once you sleep with the other friend, and it just sort of happens to be that they're okay with that and it all works out. Not.. a great way to start a relationship.

Again- it's a really cute game with some very nice ideas, but ultimately the execution just felt... a little off? and a little uncomfortable, for me.

Thank you so much! Knowing this in advance really really helps me.

Trigger community · Created a new topic Trigger (Warnings?)

As someone who does suffer from PTSD, I think it would be highly beneficial to include somewhere separate, as to avoid spoilers for those who don't need/want the warning, a list of trigger warnings for content associated with this game.

I've looked and looked and can't seem to find any, so I apologize if there is already and I missed it somehow, but I really only feel comfortable interacting with media when I know in advance if it will remind me of certain traumas.

Thank you!

does the description really list gay romance as an adult theme? pass