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did you try moving the game to a different folder? that usually fixes this.

In fact, he gives instructions on how to run in macOS:

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Found 191/192 fruits, loved the Windows 95 easter egg, but after an hour or so of looking for that last fruit, had to give up for now. Love the concept, the artwork, and the music. The ability to change tracks with the portals was fantastic. The multiple hidden caves and nooks and crannies rewarded exploration. It would be nice to be able to invert x/y on the analog sticks however you wish. It would also be nice to have better smoothing for the keyboard controls. I did get stuck in a block once, perhaps if the character doesn't move outside of a certain radius over a certain time you should respawn? It would be nice to maybe get some hints on the last fruit? Overall, I had a pleasant experience, great work!