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These are so cute! Now you just need little people and pets to move in!

I really like your style! I would love to see you expand this into a premium asset with more hair, eyes, etc.

Very nice. I could see Broforce or metroidvania or Loderunner style games made with these, with more tiles. Would love to see more compatible sets for it.

This is a great tile set. Would love to see a dungeon/cave expansion for it!

I'm not sure how it works, but this is how it looks for me when I go to download one:

Maybe there's a special method, but I'm not sure, I haven't done it myself, sorry!

Other asset creators put the version number in the zip filename, like for example:

I buy and download a lot of assets on Itch, and I have a bad memory. So I might not revisit your asset for a few months and I won't be able to remember which version I have at that point. If the filename was 1.01 and you released 1.02 I would know I needed to upgrade.

Just a suggestion!

Thanks for the update! Could you add a version number to the file for convenience? Thanks! :)

Looks very nice! Could you make the previews a little bigger? Following you, hope to see more of your work in the future!

Looks a lot like Minit.

I love your art style, especially your palette choices here. I'd love to see this pack expanded into a full game.

I love the palette, has a soft feel to it. Would love to see more areas and compatible characters as well.

I love your icons! Would you consider making some characters?

Nice! More sci fi stuff is always appreciated!

I love this series! Please make a bunch of townspeople for it!

This is really cool! Suggestion: a lock toggle for each option, so you can decide which parts can be randomized. Also, a way to customize the pieces ourselves, so we can add more parts or colorize the parts would be amazing.

Basically like a "Color Overlay" layer in Photoshop. I'll do that, thanks.

Any way you could implement a "color" or "tint" function, per tile? I have some 1-bit tile sets that I'd love to work with, but I don't know any tile-based tools that allow arbitrary coloring, so it's hard to visualize and experiment.

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Too cheap! Bought it and added a small tip. Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Would like to see more sci fi stuff; characters, creatures, etc.

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Since it saves to JSON, you can use any JSON-to-C# converter (just google it) to create the class, then use your JSON library of choice to load the data very easily.

99% of my social media is screaming into the void about politics and 1% WIP screenshots, so probably not a good idea :)

Not immediately. I've been working on a 2d top down framework for a little while. Rogue-lite open world sim kind of thing. Still not 100% decided on the theme yet, but I've been leaning towards Fantasy just because I'm not an artist and those kinds of assets are plentiful.

There are a lot of fantasy-themed RPG assets, but not a lot of sci fi stuff. Maybe some modern/sci fi top-down RPG stuff? Space ship interiors, tech, aliens and alien worlds, etc. That could be fun.

I love all of your icon packs! Would love to see you branch out to other things.


Just bought this pack, looks nice. Just a suggestion; please make the full tileset image in power-of-2 sizes. For example, 512x512 or 1024x1024. Makes it easier to work with. Thanks!

Glad to hear it! The interiors pack is amazing, but needs an exterior in the same style. Looking forward to it!


Absolutely. The tool looks nice, but I don't care for the font.

Looks really nice, thanks!

OK, but you have to make me a bunch of space interiors and aliens and robots! :)

Very nice! I kinda want to make a platformer now.

Any way to put up a preview somewhere?

I really like the Dirt to Grass transitions, very nice!

Very nice, thank you! What changed in the update?

By the way, when you post an update, if you could put the version number in the filename like "Tiny Farm Pack v1.01", that would be helpful! Thanks!

RPG Farming Kit community · Created a new topic Updates?

Could we get a 1.03 release on, or maybe just give me a Unity Asset Store key so I can get updates there?


Nice! Any plans to release the source? I'm trying to learn ECS and wound up here after finding LeoECS. :)

I mean the castle and the ground. The sky is fine. I think maybe it's that gray in between the bricks and the gray in the cobblestone ground, they're both very similar and kind of lead to each other visually? I'm not really an artist, it's just an impression! So don't take it too harshly! :)

I'd like to see you take Kenney's 8x8 Micro Roguelike pack and add more tiles to it (same size, 8x8.) I like the pack but it only has 100 tiles, it needs more tile variety!

I see a small problem with this set. The foreground and background are all very similar color, so it all kind of blends together and looks like a big flat space with very little depth. Aside from that, a great tile set as usual! Keep on creating!