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Looks really nice, thanks!

OK, but you have to make me a bunch of space interiors and aliens and robots! :)

Very nice! I kinda want to make a platformer now.

Any way to put up a preview somewhere?

I really like the Dirt to Grass transitions, very nice!

Very nice, thank you! What changed in the update?

By the way, when you post an update, if you could put the version number in the filename like "Tiny Farm Pack v1.01", that would be helpful! Thanks!

RPG Farming Kit community · Created a new topic Updates?

Could we get a 1.03 release on, or maybe just give me a Unity Asset Store key so I can get updates there?


Nice! Any plans to release the source? I'm trying to learn ECS and wound up here after finding LeoECS. :)

I mean the castle and the ground. The sky is fine. I think maybe it's that gray in between the bricks and the gray in the cobblestone ground, they're both very similar and kind of lead to each other visually? I'm not really an artist, it's just an impression! So don't take it too harshly! :)

I'd like to see you take Kenney's 8x8 Micro Roguelike pack and add more tiles to it (same size, 8x8.) I like the pack but it only has 100 tiles, it needs more tile variety!

I see a small problem with this set. The foreground and background are all very similar color, so it all kind of blends together and looks like a big flat space with very little depth. Aside from that, a great tile set as usual! Keep on creating!

I think the intention is that "dirt" is the default biome, and all other biome boundaries are compatible with it. I'm not sure, though.

Instant purchase. I would love to see a compatible creatures and characters pack next!

This just looks like you took a character from Oryx's 16 Bit Sci Fi sprite set and changed some of the colors.

Would love to see some apartment/home interiors, and maybe some characters!

I sent along some encouragement in the form of buying all three of your packs! :)

Very nice! Now we just need some NPCs, some furniture, and maybe some cats!

Never mind, I see you have two separate bundles. Purchased both!

Another great set! Any plans to put everything in a bundle?

You might want to watermark it or rotate it or something; it looks like the whole original tileset if you view it, 16x16 tiles.

Wonderful! I love the colors, reminiscent of the sea, good contrast without being hard on the eyes.

Subdued palette but still very readable. Very nice! I'll have to check out your other work.

I just want to say, I appreciate you making a lot of compatible sets. Usually artists make a few things and then do something different, incompatible. You're probably helping a lot of indies by being consistent.

Very nice and complete set, thank you!

Question, though: "Can be used other than game development" does that mean the graphics could be used in other products, like t-shirts, for example?

Very nice! I hope to see more assets in the same style/perspective from you in the future.

Another great set! Thanks!

Oh and the sale was too good to pass up, bought :)

Heck yeah, as much as you're willing to do! I love this style; very readable and a little chunky, but still semi-realistic.  A top-down survival/zombie game would be perfect for these items.

Very nice! Would love to see some compatible characters and tile sets.

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These are really nice!

I'd love to see a stylistically-similar character pack (male and female adventurers, monsters) and an environment pack (dungeon tiles, buildings, etc.)

That's a lot of work, so they should be separate packs, or raise the price of this one if you include all that!

It reminds me of the font used on Adventure Time.

This tile set looks really nice. I'd like to see more similar tiles that fit together thematically; characters, mobs, items, weapons, and other area styles.

Very nice looking. Reminds me of Prey.

Hey there, just wanted to ask a quick question. I was looking for any new art sets you might have published and saw you'd posted some freebies on the RPG Maker board some months ago. Do your various sets here include the freebies?

Thanks in advance, hope you're doing well!

What is the max width and height resolution on these? They look cute.

These are really nice! Thank you!

Thanks for staying active on this pack. Bought it, and I'm also following you for anything else you might make. Cheers!

Great pack, and I love that you keep updating it. Keep up the good work!