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Can we add our own parts to the generator? Like if I wanted to add a new hair style.

Very nice. Your work has an ethereal quality to it.

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful colors, and very readable. Nice work!

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The set is really looking great! One note though; the ties go underneath rail tracks: 

I like the separate hands, gives kind of a Rayman vibe. They might animate a little too far out though.

Sounds perfect! Looking forward to it.

Love the top-down perspective! I'd buy a comprehensive set like this for my top-down game, if there were a variety of roguelike enemies and humanoids.

Super cute, nice colors!

Are character sprites in layers or parts for easy editing ?

In Font#1 the lower case g is actually the upper case G. So it's lazy doG.

After that, maybe? :) Some classic monsters would be cool, like rat, spider, bat, etc.

Insta-buy! How about some more monster types next?

Looks incredible for 2D!

Excellent as always. This makes my collection complete, until you make a new one!

Huge pack and looks great! I should be able to make my whole game with these elements.

Looking forward to your interiors and expanded packs!

I really like your work! Have you considered branching out into other areas, like characters and environment tile sets?

Could you make a preview available, with a sampling of the sounds?

Hi, how are you? Any progress on an update?

Great work as always! Here's a few ideas for more sets if you need inspiration: zombies, mercenaries/gladiators (misc fighters), vikings, barbarians, spell casters and priests for previous packs, farm animals (sheep, pig, dog, cow, chicken) , wild animals (deer, wolf, bear, rat), insects, lizard people, elementals/golems. Do you have a Patreon?

I really like your characters!

Very nice, very simple! Exactly what I was looking for!

These are super cute! Are you planning on doing any environments to match all your characters?

These are really nice, especially for the price. Thank you!

Hello, what kind of license for this art? What can it be used for?

I tried typing in a seed and I couldn't get it to work. :(

Yes! I clicked about 100 times or so and got a -000 seed. Now I see what you all meant! Completely blank. :)

I really like how the game looks. Would you mind sharing who your artist(s)/UI designer(s) were?

Sounds great. Looking forward to it!

Your packs are nice. Do you have any character assets, or know of anyone else's character packs with a compatible style?

You might want to add some preview images of what people would be getting.

What's the resolution? Looks like 32x32?

I see you have animals, monsters, and heroes now! They look great!

Very nice!

I like your style. I would like to see more of the world, especially dungeon/castle/underground to flesh out the world with more variety.

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Your sets look really nice! The environments are rich and use of color is very good. It's a little hard to read between foreground/background architecture in this set though, some of the edges are a bit "soft" if you know what I'm trying to say? Looking forward to more sets from you!

These look great, but now we need some characters and monsters in a matching style!

Could you explain this asset in any detail?