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Will you be updating this set to add all of the new tiles you add to the colored version of this set?

I like this series. Would love to see more along the same lines, more characters, more monsters, more environments - maybe some matching aboveground environments.

Would like to see more in this style if you are still creating art.

Are you planning to make any characters/mobs in a matching theme?

Seconded, would love to see more examples of C#-first Godot games from professionals, even if they are Godot "newbies."

Love your work! Looking forward to upcoming releases!

I like the crisp style of your artwork and individual items are very readable, but perspective between different objects is a little unclear in some cases.

Just show what YOU made, not all of these assets from Anokolisa.

I really like this new style and hope you'll be releasing more like it!

Dude, lol, you can't just use someone else' trademarked name and logo to advertise your assets.

Incredible asset, thanks for the update!

Very nice, I love the palette on this! Has a board game feel to it.

Nice! What creatures/monsters are included?

These are really cute! I'd love to see characters and interiors to match these.

Beautiful! Do you have any plans to make packs with people, interiors, or a cave setting?

You could make them separate packs, that would be fine. I bought this pack as-is, and I don't mind paying for more content.

Nice! Would love to see some alien creatures and maybe alternate biomes or underground areas.

Very readable for 8x8, nice.

Thanks for the update! But it's actually 2022 :)

Sounds great! Looking forward to more packs!

I really like this. I may change my current WIP to use these instead of what I was using. But I need some matching interiors: houses, dungeons/castles, and caves.

Love this! Would really like to see buildings and a dungeon/underground set in the same style.

It's impossible to know if your code is worth looking at. If you could post some examples of your code, or a video of a simple game made with it, that would be helpful. 

Can we add our own parts to the generator? Like if I wanted to add a new hair style.

Very nice. Your work has an ethereal quality to it.

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful colors, and very readable. Nice work!

I like the separate hands, gives kind of a Rayman vibe. They might animate a little too far out though.

Sounds perfect! Looking forward to it.

Love the top-down perspective! I'd buy a comprehensive set like this for my top-down game, if there were a variety of roguelike enemies and humanoids.

Super cute, nice colors!

Are character sprites in layers or parts for easy editing ?

In Font#1 the lower case g is actually the upper case G. So it's lazy doG.

After that, maybe? :) Some classic monsters would be cool, like rat, spider, bat, etc.

Insta-buy! How about some more monster types next?

Looks incredible for 2D!

Excellent as always. This makes my collection complete, until you make a new one!

Huge pack and looks great! I should be able to make my whole game with these elements.

Looking forward to your interiors and expanded packs!