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Great work as always! Here's a few ideas for more sets if you need inspiration: zombies, mercenaries/gladiators (misc fighters), vikings, barbarians, spell casters and priests for previous packs, farm animals (sheep, pig, dog, cow, chicken) , wild animals (deer, wolf, bear, rat), insects, lizard people, elementals/golems. Do you have a Patreon?

I really like your characters!

Very nice, very simple! Exactly what I was looking for!

These are super cute! Are you planning on doing any environments to match all your characters?

These are really nice, especially for the price. Thank you!

Hello, what kind of license for this art? What can it be used for?

I tried typing in a seed and I couldn't get it to work. :(

Yes! I clicked about 100 times or so and got a -000 seed. Now I see what you all meant! Completely blank. :)

I really like how the game looks. Would you mind sharing who your artist(s)/UI designer(s) were?

Sounds great. Looking forward to it!

Your packs are nice. Do you have any character assets, or know of anyone else's character packs with a compatible style?

You might want to add some preview images of what people would be getting.

What's the resolution? Looks like 32x32?

I see you have animals, monsters, and heroes now! They look great!

Very nice!

I like your style. I would like to see more of the world, especially dungeon/castle/underground to flesh out the world with more variety.

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Your sets look really nice! The environments are rich and use of color is very good. It's a little hard to read between foreground/background architecture in this set though, some of the edges are a bit "soft" if you know what I'm trying to say? Looking forward to more sets from you!

These look great, but now we need some characters and monsters in a matching style!

Could you explain this asset in any detail?

I really like your stonework. The walls and towers look really nice.

Love your character style! Thank you for this.

Nice. I like the soft colors.

Brilliant! I've been wanting something exactly like this. Thank you!

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Cute, reminds me of Lode Runner.

Looks nice!

Wordle will track my guesses and show how I did if I come back before the daily timer is up. Can you do that? I was going to share my Dordl but mis-clicked and it's gone forever.

Ignoring recolors, outlines, shadows, and selections, how many unique icons are there in the set?

These look great! Is there any way you can add one unarmed unit to each of your three sets? To make an RTS with your assets we still need an orc peon/human worker/drudge skeleton. Or maybe an entirely new set with civilian units.

If you are revising your packs, could you start including a version number in the main zip filename? Thanks!

Looks great! Thank you for updating it!

Recursive bisection, with curved streets. A simple yet brilliant idea that produces excellent results that look very organic. I really like some of the chaotic sprawl shapes you get with the more dense "X" areas, the unrestrained and unanticipated growth of inner cities.

Very nice! I'd love to see a whole series like this, with animals and monsters.

Please post a preview

Please post a preview

Nice. Colorful without being oversatured. The roof tiles don't look quite right though.

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These are so cute! Now you just need little people and pets to move in!

I really like your style! I would love to see you expand this into a premium asset with more hair, eyes, etc.

Very nice. I could see Broforce or metroidvania or Loderunner style games made with these, with more tiles. Would love to see more compatible sets for it.

This is a great tile set. Would love to see a dungeon/cave expansion for it!