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I like the Lindenmayer System Fractals and the Mandelbrot Image.

Thank you. I will take your advice in future games.

I hope you could still enjoy the game. I changed the controlles, so you can click to change direction.

Originally i planned to make a masked image with bezier curves for a better look but than i had no time for it.

I managed to get 46 points.

I really like your game. Even without any combat or interaction it i fun to play and has cool graphics. It easily can be the base project for a completely new experience of maze games.

Mau Card Game community · Created a new topic Improvements

I'm currently developing the game and add new features.

Coming improvements are:

  • ranking for published scripts to avoid scam
  • trading system for rules
  • different difficulties for computer players
  • AI computer player with neural networks
  • possibilitie to view the rules after a game
Mau Card Game community · Created a new topic Rating

What do you think about the game?
Do you like it, want to change something or have ideas for improvements?

Mau Card Game community · Created a new topic Scripting
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Do you have problems with the scripting or questions about the commands?

Then post them below.

The scripting tutorial might be useful:

First you hold the button, until you are at the element you want to choose. Then you can add more power to your attack, when you select the element again or you can select the element at the left or right to change the position. Whan you click you release the element and attack the monster.

Example: A Fire-Monster spawn in the direction of metal. Then you can summon water or metal to attack, but earth would be stronger again fire, because wood is strong again water, water again metal, metal again earth, earth again fire and fire again wood. Be careful not to summon wood, because this is weak again fire and maybe heal the monster. Now you have summoned Earth, you must select metal to get the earth to the right place. Now you can click to release the element and attack the monster.

When you was to slow, the monster get closer to you or change the position.