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pretty neat game! of course there are some bugs but yea its a game jam. the most important one is that you sometimes cant move unless you jump wich makes you spend a coin. pretty cool game concept though.

Thank you!

thank you so much! i kinda hate the tiles too and i already made new ones but we didn't have the time to implement them. Thank you so musch again!

Thx a lot! glad you noticed the similarity's between the aliëns. we are aware of the 'stand in the corner' bug and i already told our programmer he should change the controlls. Thx for the feedback.

Thx! It was a lot of fun to design these aliëns so i'm glad to see so many people like them. I'm also not a fan of the controlls but our programmer said this was the best option (i told you so, ruben)

Thx for the feedback! I agree that the pieces dont fit well with the rest and we will fix it in a new version.

This is really good but also very hard. Well done!

Haha, thank you. I spend a lot of time making this art so it's nice to see people appreciate it.

Thx a lot!

Thank you very much! A lot of time and love went into the art so i'm glad you like it. Thanks for the critisim too we will probbably update this game a bit after the game jam and we'll definetly take your points into account.

Like your videos!

I would be cool if you made it a bit longer

This games is really funny! great game!

I also like it when you shoot an enemie dead.

Nice game! Very nice and smooth controls. 

Great game. I really love it! Maybe add toad? Really cool man!