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Oh and an other thing. 

It would be nice to be able to put text to the save-games, so that the player easier can go back to a specific save game.. like if I would like to make a save game before I choose to making the choice of checking pics on forgotten phone I could title the save game "Check phone yes/no?".. As it is now, I have to remember time and date (or the picture) of that save game, to be able to load it.

OK, thank you for your answer :)

I do like the concept of the game, makes it possible to live out the fantasy of being a doctor who can get to look at naked women, and the dilemma of how "dirty" can I be, while it still seems professional, is also kinda interesting.
And I do like, that you are doing this project with help from an actual doctor, so that the facts, treatments and more are correct :)

But I think, you should make it possible to hire staff before first day the player should be going to work at the hospital.
I don't like to be punished for something there not is my fault, and getting the "You didn't go to the hospital, thus your wage have been decreased by 120$."-message two or three before it is possible to go to the hospital seems like unfair punishment, and I think makes many players frustrated about not knowing how to go to the hospital to work.

Hi Bruni

I am currently playing your game "General_Practitioner-0.0.8-pc"

In the game I have just accepted the part-time-job at the hospital, but I can not figure out how to hire staff to "my" clinic, and also not how to go to work at the hospital?