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I had so much fun playing this game
The map design is brilliant

And the end was really cool

Pushing the heads of the baby snakes over the food made me feel so much pity.
It's brilliant.

I have no idea how

Am I supposed to let the green guys win or loose ?

I love exploring this cave and killing the bats.

I suggest adding some structures at random places. (with loot)

Great game. I love the transition between levels.

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Finished it.

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my score : 0270480

Great game. I really enjoy getting huge combos.

I'ts a great game. I love the mechanics.
The puzzles are great, I enjoyed finding the solutions.

However there is one that requires perfect timing, without any room for error, and I can't see myself completing that level at all.
(The one where you drop the box by activating the moving platform at the end of the level)

There is a bug where 1 click fires 2 hearts at a time. This obviously makes it difficult to activate switches.

Those levels were so good. Solving them was fun. It really made me think

I don't know how to spin dash . . . So I can't get past the first two minutes of the game. (Yes I did pick it up, but it didn't come with instructions)

A lot of the planned features didn't make it. So as a trade-off, I made sure to polish what we did have.