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Ivan Netkachev

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Я большой фанат этой игры! Как-то даже разбирал ее на скриншоты и на фрагменты, чтобы удобнее было красть. Спасибо на добром слове </3!

Нет! Это бесконечный симулятор бредового и монотонного труда. Only your (lost) time matters...

Они в целом должны будут обновляться! Там отдельный скрипт на Питоне каждый час должен скачивать сообщения и обновлять файл. Но я пока не загрузил его на сервер, поэтому он оффлайн, и сообщения тоже старые

Hi forestherd, I played your game and found this experience so... relatable. This is almost exactly the thing that happens to me every time I have a drink with other people. So, thank you for sharing this experience and doing this in a videogame medium. This game is special somehow for me. 

Really liked it, cool stuff

sure. looking forward for it to be done.

hey, this game was real fun! I loved the minimalistic art style, and the game with its pretty simple audio effects felt responsive to my actions. Kept trying again till I won. Thank you. 

hey, thank you for making this! I liked it. Visuals are minimalisitic, yet stylish, and the audio is great. The whole thing reminds me of David Lynch's work (e.g. Twin Peaks season 3), in that it's pretty surrealistic and dark

hey, this one looks real cool!