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Hi, could you also add tree shake for third type of tree

Nice work!

What is the color palette use for the asset?

Wow this is nice, thanks!!

Hi really nice animation, mind to ask if the pack has mining/chopping animation?

Hi, can we expect hoe animation too in the future update xd?


Hi, just a suggestion, would love to see more mineral rocks like iron or gold, as currently only has stone XD

Look awesome!

Hi Vyrell, thanks for another awesome pack! I was wondering if you could add a fishing rod item? Would love to see it in the pack also xD

Hi there! Love these pixel icons and just suit for my need. Wanna to ask by any chance you can include the icon name for the reference as well? Would really appreatiate this thanks! 

Hi Vryell, I was wondering if you could also consider add pickup animation in 4 directions? Between this is a lovely packs :) 

Hi there, I just started working with your assets and love them all. I was wondering if you could also added dry/wet soil for crops?

This is charming! Amazing work!

Thanks for giving it a shoot :D

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Hi there, i just finished a prototype with your game assets. Minifantasy Survival RPG by Netherwave63 ( Hope I use your assets properly ;)

Wow this is so nicely done! Another impressive collection for Minifantasy assets pack. Congratulations :3

Hi Krishna, thank you for your feedback. 

I would like to ask is there a way can i get patreon only content? I actually plan to join but my payment just didn't go through anyhow. This really make me down for the day xd

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Hi there, I really love this fantastic assets! Just got the bundle pack few days ago. I am ady use it for my little rpg project that I want to build along while learning game development. There is one suggestion from me, maybe can consider adding user interface asset pack as well in the upcoming update? I would love to see it And it will be cool. Anyway, I just want to say thanks and please keep up the good work! Cheer 😁