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I can't afford your services this far, I did find ways to code on a smartphone but I think it's still just too early for good games easily ran on android. 😮‍💨 wish I had the power to convert everything to android.

I got some old windows to run on an emulator but it didn't work but I found an open source solution, I know this is overkill but I really want to try this out without asking a friend...

Mobile port please I'm dying

Feel intrigued? if any ideas come up you would like to share to extend this project feel free to post. Currently doing lots of heavy lifting with the design music composition tileset stuff and learning to work with godot(game engine) so I'm happy over every idea you can throw at me. This is my first project, I am aware how ridiculously complex it is, some would say I won't make it happen but I'm here and willing and enthusiastic about it right now so let me try. Anyone willing to join the journey can soon do so on a discord server. I'm at the very beginning, wish me luck.

pay respects

I would like to utilize this for a project and hereby state to share any profit created by that work. More updates in the near Future.