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Super fun little game! Just the right amount of challenge. Just a few comments: 

1. When I failed level 3 and started it again, the main menu music overlapped with the level music when I continued.

2. A visual barrier marking the edge of the map would be useful.

Dang, this is fun and trippy! Nice work!

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These have such a cute energy to them! I especially like track 1. 

So cute!! And I appreciate that you can complete it in about an hour. So many of these idle/management games drag on far too long. 

I think an option to choose which character you are would be helpful. I get the idea behind it being random, but it makes it harder to look at all the scenarios and choices.

Oh this is a NEAT idea. Can't wait to try this out! :D If I manage to complete a cycle I'll come back and show the results! 

Yayyyy I found this in my bundle and I can always use more good pixel fonts, thanks! purchases don't give you a Steam key unless the game dev specifically decides to offer them, and I don't see such an offer on this game unless I missed it, so I don't think so. 

Not like any other text adventure I've played. I love how many unique mechanics are in play here that add to the impact of the story.

This is way too addictive. Ever consider adding a time trial mode? :D 

It be like that sometimes. I DL'd and played it and it seems fine to me!

I really like the concept, but it's a tad frustrating to play a few things that would help IMHO include...

1. A clear chime when a new truck shows up.
2. A way to speed up time. 

Interesting little puzzler! I wish the UI for dragging and dropping tiles was a bit more clear though. 

I wasn't sure about this when I started, but by the time I finished I missed it. This is weirdly relaxing and very cute. 

Really fun, neat idea... and very difficult. I'm usually dead before I can even see what 00 is asking me. %D;

With the way the game is laid out and a lack of a full-screen button, I can't see the entire game without scrolling up and down, and sometimes the "Submission to Game Jam" flag gets in the way. These elements made it too frustrating for me to really play long enough to get a good impression. Interesting concept of the sanity meter in a roguelike though. 

Thanks for the fun little game! I showed it to my friend too. I don't think she has an account on itch but she loves birds and has been sending me her creations. ^^ 

I like how there's a bit more of a story to this one than the last! But I'd replace the repeat dialog with new things. The game is small enough to easily explore everything, so repeats just end up being annoying IMHO.

Really nice dialog in this one. Makes me wanna explore an old mall.

Interesting. One of those games that make you debate what technically counts as a game. Almost feels more like interactive poetry of a sort.