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*Checks the game again* OH THERE IT IS WOW I'M BLIND. That said I think maybe centering it makes it harder to realize it's going down when you get hit and thus what it is? Like surely I noticed that the first time playing but just didn't process it. Or the game just full on glitched for me the first time because my computer is a toaster lol

Super satisfying! Could use an HP bar though. :)

Can't wait to color this and add it to my zine collection - Always important to have a reminder that art should be fun. :D

Totally understandable! There are folks around itch who offer royalty free retro music for games if that's something you're interested in, but that said I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything lol

A bit glitchy but I love fiddling around with this thought experiment.

Wonderful little game! I learned a few new things about being a better ally as a cis person. :)

Is there supposed to be music though? If there is, I'm not getting any in the browser edition.

i feel so relaxed thanks

Love getting to say I knew about this cool little book BEFORE Super EyePatch Wolf made it cool. 😎 (Seriously though, great to see this book getting some renewed love.)

I felt this pain in my soul, and yet I barely hesitated to choose "keep going." Writers are some kinda masochists I STG.

My toaster of a computer thanks you for reducing CPU usage! :D

AHHHH love how the format is wide like an art of animation book. Nice touch.

As someone who grew up being told that one day God was going to swoop down and end the world, this was a rather emotional experience for me. I'm not sure "ENJOYED" is the word but it certainly helped me process some things.


Oh gracious, I was a telemarketer for less than a week way back when and I could FEEL my soul leave my body as I played this. X'D Great game!

This is cute! Mine is a 1-inch tall tiny light with tiny legs that lives in a LEGO bus on my desk. Reminds me of having an imaginary friend when I was little.

Such a fun concept and great art! :D

I didn't expect streaming this to get deep but dang. O_O Thanks for a fun game that reminded me of the joy of drawing!

Add some epic, cinematic music.


Oooh lots of good menacing/intense loops here!

Adding Dumpster Diving to my "songs I wanna use in videos" pile. :D

This is a beautiful book. I love poetry that is impacted by paired images and how words are placed - reminds me a bit of a Softer World while also being something completely original. 

Today on "Things I got in the bundle I will never use, but I just think are really neat." I don't make games but it is indeed a cute cup! 

I've been looking for something exactly like this to add some of my doodles to my streams! I can't wait to try this out. Thank you! :D 

I did a vid of this game and had a great time! Made me think a lot about why I draw. 

I really loved what I got to play of this - it certainly reminded me of growing up in ye olde Web 1.0 years - but I'm having the same issues others have reported with clicking things just not working sometimes. Ultimately, the "log out" button wouldn't work for me, so I was unable to save my progress to continue the game later. :(


Super fun little game! Just the right amount of challenge. Just a few comments: 

1. When I failed level 3 and started it again, the main menu music overlapped with the level music when I continued.

2. A visual barrier marking the edge of the map would be useful.

Dang, this is fun and trippy! Nice work!

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These have such a cute energy to them! I especially like track 1. 

So cute!! And I appreciate that you can complete it in about an hour. So many of these idle/management games drag on far too long. 

I think an option to choose which character you are would be helpful. I get the idea behind it being random, but it makes it harder to look at all the scenarios and choices.

Oh this is a NEAT idea. Can't wait to try this out! :D If I manage to complete a cycle I'll come back and show the results! 

Yayyyy I found this in my bundle and I can always use more good pixel fonts, thanks! purchases don't give you a Steam key unless the game dev specifically decides to offer them, and I don't see such an offer on this game unless I missed it, so I don't think so. 

Not like any other text adventure I've played. I love how many unique mechanics are in play here that add to the impact of the story.

This is way too addictive. Ever consider adding a time trial mode? :D 

It be like that sometimes. I DL'd and played it and it seems fine to me!

I really like the concept, but it's a tad frustrating to play a few things that would help IMHO include...

1. A clear chime when a new truck shows up.
2. A way to speed up time. 

Interesting little puzzler! I wish the UI for dragging and dropping tiles was a bit more clear though.