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Is everyone else also slowly going clinically insane here or is it just me?

miss Lillith fighting the giant fish is the best scene in the whole game 

By the way, on the left is the number of mistake that can be made by sheriff left, on the right is the amount of task left for the outlaw to win


might want to reload if you want to start again (it only a Demo, this was made in 1 day, so expect bugs)

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can you guy post a screenshot of your highest score so I can modify the difficulty. 

thank :) 

thanks for the feedback.:)

Thank you, i really appreciate your feedback and I would like to respond. First you can only get the heart by colliding with when you are bare handed(out of bullet) but i agree to change it so that touching the heart will also earn the player health. Secondly, I will try to fix the quit button glitch so can you tell me more about the glitch and your mouse position? Lastly, can you point out the grammar mistake made so i can fix them, I'm very bad at grammar so sorry.

why can i move?

I have finish the fix, now the game will have a increase difficult from the start, check it out and i will love to hear back from you

thank you!!

You can check it tonight because i think i'll fix it by tonight

Thanks for the advice