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AGGGHHH!!! This game is so cute it hurts!!! Oh my lord, the characters, the writing, the art; this is the bee's knees! I could not possibly recommend this game more!

I have to post  a second comment because ho-ly sh*t this final demo update is the BEE'S KNEES! I swear, you guys have got to be using some sort of witchcraft to make a game this good! I didn't think it possible, but now i'm even more pumped for the final version!

Asexual representation (and good asexual representation, at that), finally!!! It's so, so rare for me to find a fictional character like me that isn't mocked or scrutinized. And having an ace protag in a romantic visual novel? Practically unheard of. 

Anyways, this absolutely made my day. The art is beautiful and the writing is perfect! Thank you guys so, so much for helping an insecure panro ace gal feel a little more normal in this world <3

An absolutely fantastic VN! The art, the sheer volume of amazing representation, the writing, it's damn near perfect. A great showing by you guys, and it's certainly got me excited for more!

A fantastically gay take on Alice in Wonderland! I'm pumped for the release of the full version!

Absolutely fantastic! The art, the writing, the overall attention to detail; you guys made one hell of a demo. I can't wait until the full version is released!

This is such a cute little game! It was extremely wholesome and a pleasure to read through. I'm certainly looking forward to whatever you come up with next!

Seconded! Take my money!!!

Beautiful and heartbreaking. As someone with severe depression, this hit home pretty hard. But not in a bad way, at least not at the end.  That true ending was uplifting in it's own, semi-fatalistic way.  All in all, this was a fantastic, inclusive game and I really, really hope you make more!

Ohmygod my gay heart can't take this! It's so well written and the art is fantastic! There are a couple bugs here and there, but they're completely non-intrusive and almost unnoticeable. Anways, I hope you guys keep on making amazing wlw games! Can't wait until the next update!

The memes, the gay... this game's got everything!

*** Mild spoilers below ***

I just,,, love Charlie,,, so much,,

I got her bad ending first and it KILLED ME! But then I got her good ending and it also killed me.. but in the best way possible. You guys just keep on making fantastic wlw games and frankly, I can't get enough! I really hope you guys continue doing what you're doing!

"Since I went trough the physics of some wall and fell on the bottom of the world's unseen physics, my character is stucked. I reseted the game many times afterwards, but the game camera is stucked far away from my character. How can I re-initialize both the character and the camera's position?"

Are you really one to talk about grammar mistakes, bro?