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The Steam shortcut I have says MESEN. It seems like it's only a problem when you're just starting the game. After you beat the first boss, I think it works fine. If it helps, here: and

Anyway, it's not a bad game. A bit shorter to others in the same genre that I've played, but it does a good job of capturing the game play of the Metroidvania genre. One other thing I'd suggest doing is looking at Steamgrid and creating some assets for those wanting to add the game as a Steam or GOG shortcut in those launchers.

The save files seem to work later on in the game, it's just that it didn't work too well in that one spot. Not sure if it's that spot or if it was just too early in the game for there to be much progress.

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I'm wondering how do I save. I get a message when using a computer in game in Retroarch, but clicking continue just restarts the game from the beginning. Also, do you think you could try your hand at a 3DSEN Profile for this game? Edit: I think the save issue might have something to do with the first save location you encounter, but I'm not sure.

It should be complete. now. Geod, if you want to implement this, you can.

Okay, Added a few more tweaks that I hope will help with climbing sprites for Mario and Luigi. I only did this with the climbing sprites because the eyes would get a bit messed up with other sprites as they're separate sub sprites. Climbing sprites aren't facing towards you or side ways, so it won't affect them. Latest patch is here.

Okay, made a bit of an update. Some tweaks to Toad were made and I've added the world 5-3 boss to this patch.

This might be the final update from me. World 5-3 has wide trees that might too much for 3DSen to handle. I've gotten to the boss of 5-3, but not bothered with it.

September 26, 2020 Super Mario Bros. 2 USA profile and save states.

I think I'm going to take a break from this. Save states for all 7 worlds with the 3DSEN profile is here. It could use a little more work and some polish, but I'm making it available for anyone wanting to carry on.

Updated again with a bit of the Final Zone added. Still haven't defeated Wart yet so the animation is lacking.

There's multifloor buildings, so there's something to test it with and the creator of the game is giving it away on his own site if I'm not mistaken.

It might not work on 3DSEN, but you can use the FCEUMM core get What Remains working. It might be worth testing this script on.

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Yeah. I managed to reach world 7, but still warped past 3-2, 5-3, and world 6 as a whole. I'll update the 3DSEN profile when I get the chance. Haven't gone through those worlds, but a few updates were added anyway to it.

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For those wanting to play around with it. It's not perfect, but for anyone wanting to contribute, you can.

There should be some FCEUMM save state files, but I can't guarantee they'll work since I've been informed there's multiple versions of the game.

Edit: Updated 3DSEN profile here.

2nd Edit: Updated again: Second update here.

3rd Edit: Made it to the Final Zone. Still skipped World 5-3 and all of World 6. It really can use more polish in regards to things such as logs, waterfalls, and ladders. If you want more Warts in your Super Mario Bros. 2 USA profile, you can get it here. Still not finished, though.

4th Edit: Scroll down for the latest version and save states for all 7 worlds.

5th Edit: I don't think I can go much farther with this, but maybe someone else can use what I've provided to make progress I where couldn't.

6th Edit: World 5-3 boss added and some tweaks were made to Toad's sprites. I've also added a checkerboard pattern in some areas. Hope you enjoy it.

7th Edit: Made adjustments to more climbing sprites. Here's that version. Enjoy.

8th Edit: Knock out animation for the World 5-3 boss finished. Save states are a wonderful thing. Here's the link for the latest update.

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It should be done, but for anyone wanting to mess around with it and you have the game, here's the zip with save states: 2048 3DN file for 3DSEN emulator with 3 save states. 

Edit: Updated profile here. 

I found something that I missed. This should fix that.