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It got stuck on the loading screen...:c nice screen tho

So cute and a lil difficult, I love it!! :')))


(first is nightowl's story,it especially made me feel things ccc; )'s 2 am so i guess i'm just gonna play all the routes now (had some inspiration there)

Cute game, hope you continue it!! 

I WOONDER how long the likability will stay up if you take the right paths haha

Really cute game ,but dashing with shift doesn't work for me for some reason:/

It is a rather interesting game, got me thinking about what is the right thing to do in a contoversial situation...In the end I always follow my gut. I'm really looking forward to future updates and new cases!!!!

(Damp is such a cutie pie though<33)

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Uhh just finished the game and I kinda expected it to be good cus of the story, the characters (my boi was willing to go to Hell for Ramón ,he is just tooo damn pretty *-*no fair) and all...and yep it was^^

The whole experience was so lovely, I adored the game!! I just really hope it will be updated soon cus I cannot wait to get more of this cutesy story (and have even more overflowing amount of quality time with Ramón Rojo himself)✨


This game is just sooo captivating already,I didn't expect this to be at this rate. I really do hope that you're gonna update it soon, the whole idea and drawing style just seems soo precious!!

And i soo do hope we can see more of Fosco soon,because you truly made him so pretty. Keep going creators!<3

Gosh how much i liked this game! I could peek into a person's life and ..I could experience felt amazing and special. Thank you:)

alsoo the art style is just soo unique,I hardly ever something like this before.

So congrats:)

This game already looks so good!! I'm really excited for the full game to come! Cheering for you, creatiors! ❤️

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It was weird and funny...loved it!<3

I loved it. The story was really something...made me think things through.:) The soundtrack was perfect for the mood indeed.  And I especially like the way the characters were drawn,just adorable. 

Thank you for the experience:))

Hey creators:)

LOVED the game,it was frickin' amazing!!!I loved every minute of it,somehow you could make it feel like they were all meaningful(and well,I guess they really were).

...And the soundtracks though,I adored them(since my taste is close to this kind of music,especially when I'm in the mood-pretty often...),so thanks again for the game,and the music recommendation too!!<3

Ohh I get it... I can't really play it on phone still, but it's fine on PC too, I understand it totally! Thank you for the reply though ,I really appreciate it!!!:)

Yearning: A Gay Story community · Created a new topic Help

Okay so I'm IN LOVE with this game, cause it has a really grate story, the characters are beautifully drawn and loveable(❤️Adam😭) and it is obvious that the game maker put a lot of time and work into making the idea of the game come to life!❤️

My only problem is, that I've played it on PC before, and it was wondefully playable and enjoyable, but I downloaded it to Android and all I can see is a neon green background and the head of Adam in the middle and that's all,I can't do anything😞.

 So pls help me, I don't know if my phone is not right for it or something but I really wanted to post this so maybe you can fix this somehow? 

Thank you❤️🏳️‍🌈

OMG this was such a cute game,I loved it<3

YEEEEEES I loved it!Firstly:the story was unique and funny,the characters were hilarious(I just can't with Jess...You're something else,I loved itxD).MUST be proud! 

Secondly:Will there be more of this game?Cause I'm in a need of more of this story with the mayonnnaise guy.Really,would be a waste:((( 


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I LOOOOVE THIS GAME. You literally created a world in now I want to live in. With August,they're my fav, no question.<33

#EggGang B)

OMG I literally fell in love with this game. You're a genius creator!!!!!