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Loved this so much! The music, the style, just about everything was pretty amazing. Would definitely love to play a longer version of this in the future! Great job!

I had SO much fun playing this! Awesome job :)

This was so much fun!

Loved it! Definitely a unique game, even though I got a little frustrated towards the end, haha. But honestly, super cool concept and I would love to play more of this in different types of homes or something!

LOOOOOVED IT! I can not wait for the full game! :D Great work!

I can not express how much I LOOOOOVED THIS!!! It was just the right amount of spooky (had me laughing at one point though which made it better) and the length was great too. 5/5, probably one of my favorite games I've played on here to be honest haha

I had a lot of fun playing it, but I totally rage quit because I could't find the keeeey! I would definitely play it again in the future though :) I want to find it!

Just tried it out over on my channel! The music was amazingggg and I would definitely love a full version!

The end had me laughing so much!

This game was AMAZING! Genuinely scared the heck out of me, had to throw up a cross and pray to Jesus just in case lmao. Loved it!

This scared THE HECK OUT OF ME!!! It was excellent, really well done and honestly at the end I couldn't even film a proper outro because my heart was beating so fast!

As silly as it was, this was hilarious. 

Even though it was short, I loved it! Definitely had a good atmosphere and genuinely spooked me towards the end!

Not going to lie, I honestly thought there was a ghost in my room whispering in my ear for a moment lmao. Awesome game!

I LOVED this game so much! It had all the right elements of atmosphere, music, jump scares, puzzles -- it was great! I can't wait to play the rest! Amazing work

LOVED it so much! The only thing I'm sad about is that it's not longer!

Heya! Just played it over on my channel and really enjoyed it!

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LOVE this game so far! Even though all I did was laugh for ten minutes and die like three times

CUTEST RPG MAKER GAME EVER. I absolutely loved it! I usually play horror games on my channel, but I wanted a small break with something more laid back and I'm so glad I found this game! The message behind it is great and I just really enjoyed it :D My playthrough: