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This game was genuinely so cool! I loved the style, it was short, sweet, and very scary! 

This game was genuinely so cool! I loved the styling and it was so scary too! Here's a gameplay video I made on it xD

This game was really cool! I gave it a bunch of crap in this video, but it ended up being really nice! I liked it a lot xD 

Thank you for making the game! I saw your comment on my Delirious video and thought I'd check this out. It was really nice! 

This game is so cool! I love the style, and the scares are done so well! 


Thank you, and no problem! It was really fun.

Eyyy another really cool game! I played it here :D

This was really friggin cool! I liked the styling and it was genuinely scary. Here's a gameplay video I did of it! 

I liked this a ton! I played Dispatch and thought it would be cool to come back to one of your older games, and I wasn't disappointed!


Thank you so much!!

The game is pretty nice so far! I made a video about it, planning on doing more since there's a lot to this game! 

I liked the game a lot!! 

It was well made and I liked the style of the game a lot, it was super fun! 

Awesome game, especially as a proof of concept! The atmosphere was amazing and chainsaw man was genuinely scary!

This game was really good! I loved the atmosphere so much, and I'm certainly excited for a full version!

This game was PHENOMENAL. I LOVED every second of this game, the jumpscares were extremely well done, and the atmosphere was top-notch. I made a video about it if you would like to see here: 

Thank you so much for the game! This was incredibly well done. 

Thanks for the game! It was pretty fun, I made a video about it too! :D 

This is a pretty dang good game! I do recommend, pretty short horror experience and it looks phenomenal!