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Bug where after you tell Gracie she looks nice while shes laying on her bed the screen goes black but still works. BTW loving the game, my gal Luna needs some love in the next update tho :)

Norton and the .exe startup and some others i think.

Removed as trojan so thanks no thanks!

Walking noise stops when the mouse is stolen.

Love the reference to the mighty city of Datlof, home of Gin and fine mustaches!

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Ugh.. just lost my saves somehow.. guess ill have to replay the game from the begining smh.. youre lucky i love Luna as a character so im willing to see the new additions that come with this update. (Am redownloading this as update isnt working) PS: MAKE THE UPDATE WORK THROUGH THE ITCH.IO LAUNCHER SO I DONT HAVE TO GO ONLINE TO DOWNLOAD IT!

Will episode 8 and further be available on

This has such potential to be a great game. With a bit of polish and better translation/ fluidity I could see buying this on Steam.

Many hours in and the newest update has deleted my saves RIP. Great game tho.

It crashes after 6 seconds on the loading screen.

yes that is true but i think if he/she i don't know which would have a optional donation button if you think you like it but that is my own flawed oppinion.

I meant if it gets "completed" and advertised so when it has loads of content no one has to pay for the finished piece of art

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Please make this game Free to play because I am quite poor!!!! But there should be a donate button in the corner of the main menu. Also please try to add multiplayer because then I have found my new pass time!!!!