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I actually think I already have the answer. Whenever you open up the restart panel you can call "EventSystem.current.SetSelectedGameObject(restartButtonGameObjectName);". This should in theory make the restart button automatically selected.


Additionally there is an oddity. If you beeline it towards the round table in the staff room, the camera doesn't always switch to the one in the hallway towards the bathroom; making it very difficult to aim.

Hello. Author. There is a bug I'd look to report. I've only discovered this when struggling with the Hardcore level but after dying reportedly; I can't hit the restart button with the controller with a direct A. That is to say the button wasn't automatically selected. It was still clickable with a mouse however. And it was only one in a couple losses too, not constantly. 

I keep getting trapped randomly in the geometry. Also a quick question. Are you using a RenderTexture for the mirror hooked up to the camera or is it something more along the lines of copied and pasted geometry separated by a see through wall?

Looks like a whole lot of fun! Looking forward to trying it. Also anything we can do locally to help contrast and potential darkness? I have bad eyesight.

A very sweet game that I finally had manged to play. Thank you for the amazing experience.

Hello. Some of the Widgets on this page appear to be missing. Can you please fix this? :/

Such a touching story without getting too far into the nitty gritty and risking spoilers. I feel so bad for Space.

I love this game on mobile.

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The only way the next case after this could go (following the real rules) is that Mia Fey doesn't die but insteads prepares a lawsuit against Redd White for blackmail and illegal surveillance which starts by Mia Fey finding her phone tapped and office ransacked while she was out. It then starts with her calling the police and Detective Gumshoe being the first on the scene. Because she's a lot more cautious and smart in this version; she hid the evidence somewhere that Redd White wouldn't think to look and the papers and stuff survive.

Otherwise Phoenix gets disbarred in that case for all the stunts he pulls. He isn't supposed to be disbarred in canon until post game 3.  

Emmet is my favorite bean so far~. I had no idea this game even existed but it looks so awesome even though I'm just into the second week of gameplay.

Excited to see how this goes. I love bright beautiful visual novels. For your entire team I say you're going to have a cuppa good times ahead of you. 

Merry Christmas El Seth. May we have plenty more Kringle-Worthy puns next year. Icy that picture looks very cool. Thank you for the very cute picture and poor snowman. He knows frosthand that snow goes through a lot this time of year.

It scared me really badly. Also found a bug. After dying outside I tried hiding only for the game to print out an error.

I really loved the comic but it was pretty fun. The enemy sounds were a little annoying but really good job especially with Godot.

It's me again. I have performed modifications of the internals such that when you finish it will automatically save over the pre-existing sprite code from within the Renpy app. Would you be interested in seeing these changes and incorporating them?

It's so adorable

Neat short little game. Artwork is good. Love the music.

Holy shrimp that is awesome! 

Thank you for making the amazing game Developers. I loved every minute of it. The art style was amazing. The freedom to be and like (or not like) whoever you want is awesome. And finally managed to get the last achievement on it : Homelessness. Luckily I had Joyce in that playthrough. I can't just leave my characters in a bad situation. Still lovely premise. Maybe I'll check out the rest of your games. Phoenix and Joyce and Teal endings were the only ones I got.

I'm sorry but um what's a Zine? I never heard of them before. >.<

Status update on your problem: you use Miss instead of Ms. if you use she/her pronouns. None of those conditionals trigger. Secondly it would be epic if you were to make a phone version.

Thank you. It was a very lovely game. And I will love to play the full release. I think I know how to fix the bug in your code recording the outfits. And it was nice to be seen as valid. Very LGTBQ+ friendly. I um I don't know what else to say other than hope to see more of it soon.

I love this novel <3

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Edit: The name is in a comment when looking at one of the pictures

I know this game is pretty old; but I wanted to try out some more games. It was another hit. I ended up getting a really good ending. 

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I loved it. I meant to play this a long while back I'm glad I got to finally play it now. I found this game through El.Seth. I loved the punniest pun mester.

Edit: This game on its own was pretty good. The golden ending reminds me of Time Hollow for the DS now that I think about it.

It's either that or I'm a glutton for PUNishment. And it's really unlikely I'm SETH in the head and enjoy torturing myself. Also I was MESS-MEMEorized by the awesome care and detail put in the game. And the cute graphics. 

I loved this visual novel! So many good puns! Plus the routes were so nice.

Excuse me developers but I made some modifications to your script. Would you like to look at it? Do you have a place where I can send it?

Awesome little fangame. I'm excited to see how far this develops. If you need any help, don't hesitate to send a message. 

I am not sure if this is possible or not, but I am curious. I`d like to see a way to move the camera, so we can get a better perspective. Maybe different camera position for each portion(i.e menu, main game, e.t.c) I do wonder if additional planes to be added(like a concrete outer wall) for games like Legend of Zelda. In-game sprites are used for the wall textures. This needs a new perspective. The picture is of the actual NES game. I hope this gets continued, and would be happy to clarify if need be.

This software is intriguing. I love that a stripped down version of Unity is implemented. That was a excellent workaround. The interface appears user-friendly. I watched the video and like it.