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Nerd's Sip Podcast

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I can not wait for full release! It's on my steam wishlist and I'll be sure to talk about it on our podcast!

Awesome! Send an email over to when you can :)

feel free to send us a message on twitter @nerdssippodcast or an email whenever you'd like!

Just played through the demo! Love the graphic style and the sounds blend so well. I also found the concept of being chased and jump scared (even though the game isn't very dark at all) by a tasty bowl of ramen hilarious.

If you're interested in guesting on our podcast to promote the game or whatever else you have going on let us know! We'd be happy to have you on.

It's safe to say I've never seen a card game quite like this! Brilliant! Love the art style (the card effects are mint) and concept you have going on. Can't wait to play it.

I'd be honoured to have you guest on our podcast to promote and talk about the game sometime!

I love the concept and art direction of your game. I hope the kick starter is a success for you guys, would love to see this game go far!

I'd be honoured to have you guys guest on our podcast to promote the game sometime!