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Thank you! I've had fun seeing the different items I can get from books of radically different genres.

Love it

I played Punchcard Memories several times as different "characters."

However, the first time I ran through it, I just played it as a somewhat dystopian version myself so I could see what it could do for personal development and mental health. Doing that was an amazing experience and definitely allowed me to think about the people I'm close to, the things I've done in life, and what memories of my own are most important to me.

When playing as a character, I enjoyed the slow discovery of who that character was, what lead to their current situation, and what things they might have enjoyed, endured, and overcome. I played a few serious characters and a few weird and fun ones. Both work well in this game, but I personally enjoyed the serious ones more. As a writer, it enabled me to discover things about some of my main characters.

The wonderful thing about this game is that no two experiences can ever be the same. Each card prompt can evoke different thoughts and feelings depending on what character you've chosen to be or discover.

Everything is really well-thought-out and there are sections at the end of the document that are extremely helpful if you get stuck on something or if you simply want to let the game do the heavy lifting.

Many of the prompts really get you to dig deep and turn over rocks that might have a lot of dirt and grime on the other side, but sometimes you also find a shining gem of warmth and comfort. No matter what you find, this game has something for everyone.