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I found your game from Barji’s video. I thought it was amazing how you immediately got up there and knew exactly what you wanted to say and what your game was about. You were so upfront about it and I just really admired your motivation for game making and the art style as a whole. I really wish they didn’t overlook your game, but I have the confidence that, no matter what, you will still prevail and continue making amazing games like you are currently doing! :)

I was able to get your VR remake approved on SteamGridDB, so now others (along with me and you), can make assets and upload them! Here is the link, in case you are curious:

I support this.

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I had an amazing time playing this game!


Download and import into Minecraft. Once it is installed, activate the pack. You can either activate it via the settings on the main menu, or in a world’s settings. Once it is activated, you can turn on the Ray-Tracing option in the video options. Note: This pack only works on hardware that supports RTX.

Fun game! :)

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate! :)

Thank you for playing my game! Sorry that it’s real short, I wasn’t sure what to add!

​Overall, really stunningly GORGEOUS lighting and storytelling! It’s a tad long and more focused on story, but I can forgive that because the sex scenes fucking ROCK! Great job and I can’t wait to see what you make next!

Maybe! We’ll see! :)

Wow. Thank you so much! I will 100% look into these things a lot more. I have finished the game, but I am currently trying to fix the final build, so I will definitely be adding/changing a lot of things. So, again, thank you for the comment!

Hey! Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, this version is not going to continue to be updated. However, I am currently remaking this pack. It’s currently only for Java, but when it’s done, it will be ported to Bedrock.

Awesome! Can’t wait to play it!

Honestly, not bad! Could use a little more content in the game, but, other than that, pretty good!

Not bad!

The full story will be revealed in the full game.

First off, thank you for your feedback! Next, the low framerate is due to the texture all being at a 4K resolution. I am currently working on a settings menu to help make the game run faster for computers with less processing power.

First off, this is a demo of the full game. It is still very much a work-in-progress. Second, the end of the demo is a lab. Also, thank you for playing my game!

Not to be confused with OOGA BOOGA by Dani

Cool Math Games stole your game btw.

You: No Dani! You can’t just put yourself into a dating sim!


Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you so much for playing my game!

10/10 would clean again!

I cannot describe to you how unbelievably motion-sick I got while playing this. I have a very strong VR stomach, and this game made me want to vomit my guts out. Only play this game if you did not just eat! Other than that, the game is pretty okay. There isn’t really much to do, but it’s fun.

Access is denied for some reason. Would really love to play this! :)

Use this guide to install this pack:

Insane Realism is currently completed. However, I am currently working on a port to Bedrock which will come out eventually. Stay tuned!

First off, thank you for reviewing my game. Second, there is currently no plausible way to fix the player movement issue. As for the lack of any items, the game is still very much in progress. I have not yet had the time to add in the item functionality, so they remain invisible in-game.

This game is for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. Make sure you are using those headsets. Next, make sure you sideload the game. If you download it from here using your headset, it won’t work. Next, if your headset doesn’t have developer mode enabled, make sure that it is. For a full guide on sideloading, watch:

Cool game!