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It'd be too much to give you an entire list of scripts. I used a lot of them. But I also used quite a bit of my own code.

Thank you so much! Simplicity is definitely what I'm going for. Glad you enjoyed it! Still working hard on it too.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. Let me also say that I appreciate your dedication to playing RM games. Every little bit helps.

I see two of my requests! Thanks for the update!

Sorry for the late response! 

No plans to bring it over. But anything is possible. My main concern with porting the game over to different platforms is quality assurance. I'm not confident that this game would work well on a console. Thanks for your support!

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm still working very hard on this. :)

Thank you so much! I believe you left some feedback on the survey as well. Your feedback was great, and I'll be taking a second look at elemental affinities.

Honestly, this is pure laziness on my part. I never really took the time to dig into exporting to Mac. If it were as simple as clicking a button, I'd do it. But from what I'm told, it's not that easy unless you're developing on a Mac version of the software I'm using. I'll definitely make it a goal of mine to figure it out though. Thanks for your interest!

Wow... Thank you! These kind of comments are always so motivating.

That's a great feature to add. Awesome stuff!

That's a really interesting bug. Thanks for the heads up! Super glad you enjoyed it. As for tips on the mini-game? Try not to travel too far between targets. :)

Thank you! You're the first to ask for a Mac release, actually. The final product should definitely be available for Mac. Just not sure about recent demos, because I'm still updating them.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I've been very busy as of late. But I'm hoping to release the game by mid-2021. 

Fantastic, simple plugin for anyone who doesn't need a complex party system. Great job!

Glad to hear it! Also, I really appreciate the comment. Thanks!

El juego se está actualizando. No hay descarga disponible en este momento. Lo siento.

I've removed previous versions of the demo since I'm working on a new one. There are still some things I need to work out before I upload it. Thanks for your interest. :)

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This was one of the better games I've played on PC. The concept is very interesting, and I've never seen anything like it. It was a little difficult towards the end, but I highly recommend it.

Only one of the soundtracks. It can be purchased at the RPGMakerweb store.

That's more my fault for misunderstanding. lol. A lot of the music in the game (including the title theme) is made by Phil Hamilton. He has some game soundtracks for sale HERE.

A pixel artist who goes by the name of ConkerMich. His website is linked HERE. He works fast and is great with responding to messages.

Glad you enjoyed it! I believe I've found the cause of the crashing issue. There was a memory leak due to some faulty code. Should be fixed with a new version tomorrow. Thanks!