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NeonRelic (Archaeomancer)

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Thank you!...maybe for your next birthday?

As an archaeologist I am really looking forward to this!

This is absolutely great.

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I just uploaded an adventure for  DURF !
It involves slugs, mushrooms.. and a Yellow Stone as the Random Generator commanded.  🐌 🍄 💎

Comments and feedback are welcome.

really liking what I see! looking forward to more setting and 'beastiary'

YEEEEEEEES! Great as always. 

Very nice to see this project continuing! and tables are great as usual. I will order a printed copy soon

Really interesting concepts here. Looking forward to learn more about this game

sorry, would I get a steam key if I purchase it here?

Great stuff. I always appreciate the retrofuture archaeology in your works.

Thank you for your answer!
I look forward to seeing Dig! go bigger.
It would be nice to have a wider choice of encounters and complications and perhaps a way to acquire further bonus equipment to differentiate your dwarf from the others (it could be via loot, or a 'gem shop'?).

In case you would like further feedback or help with play testing please let me know.
Best of luck!

Hi. Very nice game, perfect to carry around when traveling light.
What do you mean when you say, about overcoming complications, "roll a single die + attribute according to your description. If the result is lower than your attribute, you overcome it"?
Do I add the value of the attribute to the die roll? How can I roll below the attribute if I add the value to the roll?

Thank you!

Thanks. How about the very early first batch, is it shipped already?

Does the printed zine ship in Europe?

Really inspired content! I loved the playable ancestries and the wealth of tables. As an archaeologist I particularly appreciated the 4-steps table for the Ruins.

Sorry, Any way to get the hardcover version in Europe? (for non kickstarter people)

Absolutely great! very nice idea