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I love puzzle games! But man, I'm bad at platformers.

Something I didn't realize until the last few levels is that there is a cheat proof feature that is genius! With the buttons there is a way where you can have two enemies in the same room with the undo button. The character did something odd and i didn't know what it was doing until i stopped the undo. It moved the second enemy to a corner so it was useless! This man is such a genius!

np, I was thinking that you have more than one set pattern of movement that gets alternated so it isnt the same predictable pattern over again. Your doing great at what you've done though!

If you kill more than one person before a dead body is called you get a blank space screen and nothing happens. I'm thinking it has something to do with the dead body procedure but I didn't make the game so I dont know

You had me at non-euclidean. love it! 

No problem. And if I may add a tip, you dont have to do it, but you could add more movement patterns to the cpu's. They could be set patterns like the first one but it would add a ton more variety to the game. I understand that its a small game but you can add anything or nothing, just some advise!

So the glitch is happening again, it only happens (for me anyway) when two or more bodies are found. Try looking in the 'body reported' or 'body found' algorithm. Great job btw