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Love this game so much. So so so much. Wish i could carry it around with me. i just play it over and over again. Wonderful job! The perfect bite of a game. Absolutely charming and great for anyone who loves perfect platforming but starts of easy as to train you into the mindset. Worth the money. The set theming is great and rex is adorable. it's my comfort game :)

Oh no, I didn't find the battery after getting the generator key. Whoops. I just played by taking screenshots then changing the contrast on photoshop so I had a point of reference of where to pivet. Welp I made that harder for myself, thank you for letting me know!

Really good, so far. Though I am stuck as despite having my brightness up and the games brightness up. My screen is completely black in this one section. I have added a photo, it does not give away any of the story though lol. Is it possible to perhaps add a way to up the contrast during game play? Im struggling.

Thank you!

Hello, it's my first time doing a game jam but Im a little confused about how long we have to work on our projects? Do we only start working once submissions are open? Or is it just 24-48 hours. Thank you anyone who can clear things up for me!