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faded cats were added in the update before the auto-updater, but the original poster seems to not have it in their version - they'll have to redownload the game with the latest update manually and transfer their saves to there

that's being planned already!

on the downloadable version there's already a dark forest, you have to send cats there manually though

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i assume what you mean for the change gender option is for trans cats, which is an option right above the change gender option. murder and cheating are also in the game already! (edit - you need to toggle a setting in the in-game settings > relations tab in order to have cheating, but even then it's already rare)

i assume you're on the online version? on mobile i am unsure what to do if it's zoomed in but for me it seems to resize on its own, on computer you can resize your window to fit the size of the site

i'm assuming by "copy of the first game" you mean your saves are the same? there's technically no way to remove saves from one clangen download and have them on another since they lead back to the same folder, and anything that happens on a clan on one game will happen on the other


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i believe this is the guide for chromebook!

have you extracted the file yet? if you have then go into the clangen folder then scroll until you see clangen.exe with a cat against a brown background as an icon

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cats can murder each other if their dislike or jealousy get to hate or resentment! but i had a bloodthirsty medicine cat murder a cat they only very slightly disliked (just a little less of one bar), so i guess it's also really rng

+ you can customize bordering clans in your current clan, you can go into your clan's json file (not the folder) in open data directory > saves, and rename your bordering clans

why are you getting so worked up over cats who can live 9 lives and speak to their dead ancestors wanting to change their gender

settings > toggle fullscreen in the top right corner!

exiled cats just live longer funnily enough, someone posted their exiled cat who lived to 1200 moons (100 years) in the discord

last i heard there's currently only one person working on the web version, since the main dev of the web version stepped down if i remember. there may be more people who have joined the web version team, but unfortunately it's going to be near-impossible to replicate the newest version of downloadable clangen in a website

you might be referring to the "show accessory" button when magnifying a cat's pose on their profile, which can be clicked again to remove the accessory (but not permanently)

you can add names to names.json by going to clangen > resources > dicts > names ^^

i believe it's on the backburner since expanded mode is still unfinished; they'll have to finish expanded mode first before moving on to cruel season. there is a new feature in dev though, a freshkill pile, which may add some difficulty and challenge

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on dev version there is a "destroy accessory" function in the dangerous tab, though it removes the accessory completely with no way to return it

that happens w me too, better to download the update manually and move your saves from the old version to the new one

it's safe, it basically unpackages everything from one single file

open data directory > saves > clan you want to edit (not the json file, the folder) > clan_cats.json

there are resources for all the skills, this one is for stable release

you can edit the cat skills in the save files if you don't like their skills

i suggest you redownload the game and copy and paste your saves there

you can make them paralyzed yourself by editing the save files.

go to the cat you want to paralyze in clan_cats.json and make "paralyzed: false" to "paralyzed: true"

do you mean the prevent fading feature? it's now in cat toggles under the personal tab

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i think you can unexile a cat by going into the clan_cats file and searching for the exiled cat then turning ""exiled": true," to ""exiled": false," + making ""status": exiled," to ""status: (whatever rank the cat is in the clan e.g. deputy, warrior, elder) but i haven't tried it with any exiled cats i have

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i believe they have said there is actually one in development which could possibly be one of the features of cruel season! and if you look at your saves every clan has their own unused freshkill pile file ^^

i think there's another file that also dictates the hierarchy for eating, but it took some extensive nosing around so i forgot about it

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are you using classic mode? expanded mode introduces the ability to change patrol types yourself (which makes the patrol icons show up), and classic mode's patrols are totally randomized

what windows edition are you on?

it goes away when you get any cat from the last level of home. any cat from city is okay

alright! yeah, i forgot about this (and other comments i wrote) myself much less anyone else :'D

if i'm correct, fanart is okay so here's some doodles i did the other day :-)

that's a very common bug with the online version. normally it can be solved by logging into your account on the mobile version, but reach of it is lessened because it disappeared from the play store for an unknown reason. do not continue to press random cat. all you can do is cross your fingers and hope you'll get valuable cats from levels

i decided to replay the game and my love for it  reignited :-)

i saw there was someone who asked which color meant what cat in end levels (mostly last levels for house and city)... 19 days ago (im so sorry kjfkshja) so i decided i'd compile them here for anyone else!

house end level: purple is scottish fold, pink is old man marvin, blue is bred (who you'd want for the city world)

city end level: purple is <3 donut, pink is choco donut, blue is cream. i'm not entirely sure about this since i've been choosing blue for most playthroughs, but i'll update it if i may have made it wrong. blue is def cream though

oh my apologies if i worded it incorrectly!!! i'm not the creator, just an avid player of the game

yeah, it for some reason disappeared from the google play store. but please do remember this game was just a small project and has been for about 5 years, which is why the creator probably doesn't notice comments on here anymore.

there's no fullscreen on computer!

have you tried to refresh/hard refresh?

use magic if you have a cat with it! you should try to use a cat with an effect (like arrow, heart, mouse, etc) and during plush, pixel cat and strawberry's turns hit angel neko! then use that cat's act; it lengthens the time angel neko is under the effect and during plush, pixel cat and strawberry's 2nd round of turns, use the opportunity to damage angel neko more

yes, its a common bug! from this point onward don't do random cat! read down in the comments, alot of ppl experience this