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over time will payed for characters become free, for example when new ones come out, or could they be made free but have payed for skins or have the collars be gated behind patreon instead of the characters?

welcome to horny jail 

thanks ^w^

please add a way to reset the game, if there is one i havnt seen it and would enjoy the ability to start fresh without making a new itch account

ive noticed that a lot of things keep repeating themselves, like when i repeat the same gossips it would say new logs are unlocked even tho they arent, and when i go back to the plant then it would say quest compleat even tho i already did it, it seams to happen whenever i close then re open the game

the translation stone doesnt seam to work, ive tried looking at almost every stone and all of them say its not understandable 

have you thought about adding fetish equipment to the store? like sounding rods, and chestities that you could use on the ones who you can finish without touchint their cock, and some things for watersport too, like a water bag that allows you to toggle on a watersports feture

can you do stuff with kekleon?

you could add a 3rd gallery for secret stories and later on maybe some secret animations, it could be something you unlock on the main screen after unlocking your first secret, and it wouldnt tell you how many there are, but you could see all the secret stuff you unlocked there, it would also give more of a reson for players to travel and do things other then do quests and finish diologue trees, and players would look more closely at things and think more about what could be done, and explore more, i think it would be more fun for players and give a bunch more playability, even if its just a couple secret stories at first

what do you think about adding a secret story with Dustin if you beat the training without dashing? something like a version with some slight cum inflation you unlock when doing the training without hitting space bar,so it wouldnt eat up any production time you can make everything the same, same dialogue , same place, same position, just a secret version with slight cum inflation you get for beating the training without hitting space bar

with the 2nd one, instead of making it so you cant ring the bell, just make it so the camura pans over and she says something like "rude" or "im on brake"

and also when theyyre there you can still ring the green bell, to summen her "twin"

i cant interact with the date with penny and mabel, idk if its a bug or if theyre meant to be like a placeholder couple so when you finish all the dates the aria doesnt look empty

will the public full release be free?

hyper isnt my thing, but i still enjoyed the demo, and hope soon you come out with some non hyper ones, and also theres this thing where at the end of the demo the music goes back up to where it was at the start, could you pls fix that, would help with not blowing out people ears at the end of the game, and speaking of id sugest you have the music and sounds set low by defult, since its better that the intro music for the game be at 1/3 the valume you want instead of 3x how you want it when you open for the first time