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Needs improvement, especially in mouse sensitivity.

Good Game.

Good game.
It was a little difficult, but I had fun.

Hilarious game.

The game is good, but too short, it would be nice 
to add more challenge.

Keyed Up!

Great game!

Cute. :)

This game is very good and fun.
This is an interesting short, I liked the atmosphere of the game. With each room I kept imagining what would come next.

So much fun!

Excellent game.

The game is cool, but I think it has a defect, when I press to eat the coconut it only eats the first item. There are 4 spaces, but I can only take it from the first one.

Fun, good game!

I got all the endings. I liked the game, very creative.

Salve! Fiz um vídeo jogando. Ficou divertido o jogo e obrigada por disponibilizá-lo.

I played a lullaby for the baby on the Xylophone toy.

I liked it, thanks for the game, it was very good.

Very good

Simples, mas bem feito. Jogabilidade fluida e design fofo. Parabéns.

Simply brilliant, managed to make Gta San Andreas scary and at the same time fun. I loved.
Very fun.

Great game, I got the second ending: kill the pale man and run away.

Very good, smooth gameplay.

It's the second time I play, very good game.

Thanks for the game, I had a very good experience.

Macabre. Good game, congratulations.

Good game
Your game is very good, it's one of my favorites.


Good Game :)

Hello, I would like a tip on the part that enters the code. It was very confusing that machine with 4 flashing lights, it is very random and without coherence. By the way congratulations on creating the game, it's getting good.

Thanks for the game, I had a lot of fun playing it.

I made a video of your game. It was good.

Está ficando bom. Cool!