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thank you! :D

Thanks! :) glad you enjoyed it!

sparkling water :)

This is amazing! Aside from getting stuck at one point, I love the atmosphere and vibe. I can't wait for the full version!!!

hi! thanks for enjoying the zine :) i used beepbox to make the music, and as for putting it in the actual zine i used this guide from vividgrin. <:]

ahh thank you so much! please let me know how it goes if you do try this with friends ! :D

ahh thank you!!! one of my biggest concerns was that the rules would be too complicated to understand, so I'm glad to hear you think it's laid out well! thank you so much again!


This is legitimately the cutest thing I've ever seen. Played it with my cats before going off to college, and it's a wonderful story I get to tell to people now :) thank you so much for this!!!

i have no clue what that means ! but thanks ! (?)

This is amazing! Saw it played on the stream and wanted to try it for myself. Had a lot of fun getting all the furniture; i'd love to see a future version where you could customize furniture, or perhaps sell furniture you've made to get things like rugs and wallpapers. 

Adorable graphics! I was struggling a little with using the mouse to control the camera when I was using a trackpad, but I got used to it when I switched to using a mouse. There are a few misspellings that don't really bother me (in fact, i think it's charming!) but sometimes the game will mix up the fruits and veggies. it'll say "cucumber" even though it has the potato graphic. 

The only other thing that bugged me were all the leaves that were around when you grew a plant. They never go away, and they make it hard to see where to place your stuff and get pretty annoying.

The graphics, UI, and the general vibe is so cute and cozy!! I think I'd definitely play this longer, ESPECIALLY if it had music to go along with it. <3

Holy shit this was lovely. It's funny, I was trying to keep track of the days too, but after a while no matter how much I tried to remember, I couldn't. What a wonderful way to convey that feeling.

It's cool to see other queer people doing art about their lives. There's something so intimate about showing your day step by step. this was an awesome game and I can't wait to see what you do next !!

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This game is absolutely GENIUS. It's so much fun, I played it with my girlfriend for date night and it was genuinely one of the best co-op experiences I've ever had. I wish you could access the manual during gameplay, but other than that I think it was fun to figure the puzzles out with just the manual's minimal guide.

Before we finished we just kinda said "screw it" and played boss mode. Despite the fact that we lost, it was fun screaming about the dino (btw, good job making it genuinely kinda terrifying lol) while we ran around trying to do as much as possible.

All in all it's something I'm definitely going to be playing again and again! Thank you so much for making this, it's just such a nice experience. <3

I assume something was supposed to happen when I deleted the powerpoint, but nope. Opening it up with notepad++ It shows a bunch of "NULL" and "This program cannot be run on DOS"

No idea what that's all about. But still, it was engaging and fun to play through! Feelin inspired to make my own now, lol :3 If there's ever a playthrough of what the exe is supposed to do, please let me know!!

Aw thank you !! <3

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Absolutely LOVELY restricted color palette, and funky fresh illustrations. Sometimes it did get confusing to know who was talking - despite the fact the characters had names in their dialogue, I kept confusing them because they looked so similar.

Despite the fact that there's a few punctuation errors, the dialogue and pacing was wonderful and made me laugh out loud a few times. Amazing work!! <3

I did the art, thanks so much!! Really appreciate it :)

Ah thank you!! The visuals were all Kas :) That doesn't sound dumb at all, I liked the fish too :)

Ah, apologies! It was set to unlisted, it should be public now :D

Thanks so much!! all thanks to Kas' character design :) btw, the kid is gender neutral!

I love this so much, I want this entire game tattooed onto my brain. It's so heartwarming and fun :)

This is really neat!! I think the characters in the basement roasting marshmallows and the twist ending could definitely have been foreshadowed a little better, but the art is adorable and it was so much fun to play ! :)

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This is awesome! I love the art a ton. I really wish there were checkpoints, because it did get tiring to have to re-start over and over again. But I enjoyed it a lot!


thank youu!!!

absolutely GORGEOUS illustration!!!! awesome work holy shit!

thank youu! whoops, will do next time, sorry bout that! :)

absolutely impeccable. 10/10 i kiss th frog

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lost to the void............................................... :( 

never got to play it because it wouldn't let me open it. sad tiems. tried again after 2 years and same thing, sorry bud :(

THIS IS SO UNDERRATED?!?! it's so so interesting! the names are a little hard to remember but I'm super super in love with this :) Really neat game you've got, keep it up!!! :D

This is so good!!! There's an issue where getting the "one accomplished enough soul" won't let you go back to the beginning, but other than that this is a lovely little game and i keep replaying it!! <3

This is amazing!!! Renpy gave me an error when i tried to see the trailer, but other than that no issues! :)

thank you!


you can use some premade assets, just try not to have all the art/code/whatever done before the event.

 if it's %70 premade then its kinda gross ngl, but if like half or less of thw game is premade its fine!

thanks! just confused since it does look like there's more levels... :)

Is there an actual way to get past level 5 to the next level, or does it just loop forever?

until the end of the jam, aka before the voting period. It should let you know on the jam page. once the jam starts, you'll be able to see a countdown until the due date.

have any questions?????????? ask them here!!! please!

thank you! :)