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I really enjoyed the game and am looking foward to the full realease. I was just wondering if you were ever planing on making the letters bigger. My screen is pretty small so there were times when I couldn't read.

Just finished playing the demo and - wow. I am really looking foward to the full release.

The art is amazing: all the characters are beautiful and the backgrounds are incredible. I simply adore the style. It was a nice little touch to have characters change clothes, which isn't something you see very often (and man, Prince's shirt for relaxing is great).

The writing is also incredibly nice. It is only the first two days, but I already like all the chracters. None of them seemed flat to me, even Kitty, Nana and Isabelle who didn't have all that much screentime. This made me incredibly happy and I kind of want to play it just to see more of them.

I'm also really excited that Prince is a trans guy. There isn't nearly enough of that and it was worked in so nicely too... Oh, man. This is a really good demo. Good job.

Urg, this is such a sweet demo, damn! (Prepare yourself for some gushing which might have some light spoilers and probably inaccurate quotes, since I am writing most of this out of memory)

The art in this game is so, so pretty. I love the design of everything, I feel like hugging everyone! They are so cute! And even though they are cute you still manage to make things scary and gross... It's really awesome! The letters changing to make different lines of dialog appear also helped with the atmosphere and were just plain awesome.

Also - there is so much to interact with! It's wild! I love basically everything about Binder's house (and Binder himself, oops). I mean, the fact that he gives Lore the dog figurine "as long as he gives it the respect it deserves"? And the book pile family? Arg! So great!

And it's not just in Binder's house! The whole "You may have an axe, but this isn't that kind of game" was great! (I may or may not have decided to turn on the stove and automatically regret it, when I realized I couldn't turn it off. I may or may not have also gone to the kitchen to check on it at any given opportunity, and may or may not have been relieved when it was turned off for me.)

I love the scattered socks! I don't really understand them sometimes (why are you in this sink, pile of socks?), but at least they seem to be having a good time (Enjoy your books, sock)!

The puzzles and mini games are also really great. It was fun having to figure out what I had to do in each one, since you didn't make it as obvious as most puzzle games make.

I was a bit confused about the save point, at first I was scared to have Lore write in his name and something bad happen (I might have been a bit traumatized after the stove incident); but I eventually figured it out.

I like that Lore can rest any time you save and the explanations of why he would are really charming (a favorite of mine is "this place is warm and comfy, I'm sure Binder would understand if you took a nap", which yeah, of course. Binder is great. Did I already mention that I love Binder?) and the fact that he always wakes up back in his room is also really nice (I like how there are new items for each part of the game you have already played through).

Anyway, I really, really liked this demo and I am looking forward to the full game. I love every single character I met in this demo, and I am sure the rest is going to be just as great! Keep up the good work!

Fuck. This is,,,so good,,,???? wtf??? I finished it in one sitting? Its five am and I dont even regret it????

I love this. so.  much.

I thought that it would be more focused on the romance, but... all the friendship? Heck yeah.
(The skate part fucking killed me. I loved every single CG, the art is so good. The soundtrack was out of this world. I had to try to muffle myself while playing because I was laughing and didnt want to wake anyone up.)
Good stuff. 10/10.

I had heard of this game before and I was waiting for it to come out, and - boy - am I glad I remebered it! I've just finished playing the first part and I'm completely hooked! I can't wait to see what happens next.

What first picked my interest in the game was the cute art (it's really so so cute) and the fact that you could pick they/them pronouns for the main character (as well as choosing their appearence); but I've already played two walkthroughs of the game and the plot is so good as well! I play a lot of visual novels, but most of the times I just find the main characters to be a complete snooze, which is certainly not the case with Teal! Teal (as well as all the other characters) is just so real and has so much personality... Urg, it's great.

I'm really looking foward to the next part!