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Well I know who I'm gonna be waiting for the most, hopefully by then I get into a sticky situation and I might need a lawyer ;)

Make Agito one of the romance choises I love the personnality he has

My life became amazing been waiting for this day for so long, let's have a fun day with pierre

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Thorg in the first world in the begining

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So dynewulf does this mean the only ongoing route is Richard or are you planing to add some in the near future, if so tell the librarian will be dateable cause DAMMM look at that man he fine as hell.

No I am totally not simping

My heart is broken this story is beautiful :(


That New scene on tai route is quite something but I can't shake of the feeling that it's going to complicate thing

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I am probably getting myself in trouble but if you type "badtimes stories guide" in google you may find a newer version.

There is also a side story but when I opened it I got spoiled so better do every route possible and then the addon 

*f95* *wink* *wink*

thanks btw it helped me with Parker route finally I have thé full galery